Spanish Nets Cheered Colombia's ‘Roe v. Wade’

February 25th, 2022 2:05 PM

The breaking news of Colombia's “important achievement for women's rights, that is, to terminate their pregnancies”, to quote one Telemundo anchor, was considered so important at the national Latino networks, that they gave the story a total 12 minutes of combined airtime.

At Telemundo's Hoy Día, the team was so excited about the ruling from the Colombian Constitutional Court to decriminalize abortion up to 24 weeks of gestation, that they used footage of very much alive NEWBORNS at maternity wards for the story! Honestly, it is hard to think of anything more offensive to illustrate the killing of the unborn.

Yet, as ghastly as this seemed, co-anchor Nacho Lozano's closing statement was even more gruesome, as he mixed abortion with overpopulation in Latin America, willing or unwillingly, placing the voluntary termination of life in the category of birth-control: "Now, three of Latin America's four most populous countries have opened the door to wider access to the termination of a pregnancy."



ARANXA LOIZAGA: And now we have news. In Latin America, Colombia celebrates an important achievement for women’s rights, that is, to terminate their pregnancies.

ABORTION ACTIVISTS: We did it; we did it...

LOIZAGA: That's how women are celebrating. The Colombian Constitutional Court approved the voluntary termination of pregnancy up to 24 weeks, almost 6 months. The historic ruling comes after years of women struggling for access to abortion, bringing change to its legality in that region. 

NACHO LOZANO: A five-to-four ruling. Mexico decriminalized abortion in September and Argentina's congress did so in late 2020. Now, three of Latin America's four most populous countries have opened the door to wider access to the termination of a pregnancy.

Mind you, the clip shown above from a Telemundo report is but a sample of the coverage that aired between the evening of February 21st and noon on February 22, 2022, over Telemundo, Univision, CNN En Español, and Noticiero Estrella TV, cheering the Colombian ruling that decriminalizes abortions for women in Colombia.

Which brings up the question of whether the national Spanish-speaking media disregard the deeply-set values and traditions of the audience they serve- especially when it comes to the right to life- in the name of imposing the political agenda hammered by the corporate liberal media.

Whatever their reason, celebrating the murder of the unborn strikes one as pitiful at the least, and beastly at the most.

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