Univision Goes All-Out To Save Gavin Newsom

May 11th, 2021 4:12 PM

Univision seized the chance to help embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) save face ahead of a recall election, by spotlighting news of his proposed $100 billion “California Comeback Plan”, and framing it as a bonanza for Californians, including those that mean the world to the network: undocumented immigrants.

Watch as Univision heralds the plan that will be funded “with money (collected from) the state's richest tax-payers”, which will then be redistributed to undocumented immigrants. Also keep an eye on what is missing from the reports: the real reason why Newsom is being recalled in the first place- his disastrous handling of the COVID pandemic in California.


ALAN TACHER: And we now go to California to tell you that Governor Gavin Newsom imposed a new pandemic aid package in which he promised not to leave out the undocumented.

DULCE CASTELLANOS: Governor Gavin Newsom's economic recovery plan would send another stimulus check. This time it would expand funds for the middle-class with $600 for those earning $75,000 a year, and an additional $500 for families with children, including undocumented people.our and a half minutes of free, on-air publicity, starting with the May 10th prime-time newscast, through the May 11 midday newscast. 

LUIS MEGID: This week you're going to announce a new budget for California and you've said that you're going to make some historic investments. Do these investments include health care for the undocumented?

GAVIN NEWSOM: I don't want to get ahead of myself, but if you say so!

Univision host Alan Tacher, from the morning kaffeeklatsch Despierta América, got ahead of Newsom, saying about the proposal, that the governor “imposed a new pandemic aid package in which he promised not to leave out the undocumented.” At the late evening edition, reporter Dulce Castellanos enthusiastically recited the California freebie, starting with “another stimulus check”, and $500 for families with children “including undocumented people.”

But the crown jewel of Univision´s reports on the proposed California COVID economic aid package came when Newsome answered Luis Megid´s question of whether it includes healthcare for undocumented immigrants: “If you say so!”. In other words, ask and your wish will be granted.

What’s worse, Newsom was not rebutted when he speculated that his stance on immigration was the reason that Californians gathered over two million signatures and triggered a recall election- as opposed to his handling of the pandemic and his reliance on statewide lockdowns that he later flouted.

We’ll be watching to see whether Newsom lists these reports as in-kind campaign contributions from Univision. 

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