Spanish Nets Hide Death Threats to Pro-Trump Salsa Group 

November 13th, 2020 6:23 PM

For the past week, the nation's Spanish-speaking media have devoted story after story to the exaltation of their declared President-elect – Joe Biden – with a particular emphasis on how he will magically unify a divided nation and bring peace and love to all Latinos. However, these same outlets have turned a blind eye to very real threats of physical danger against those who supported President Donald Trump.

The fairy tale, however, ended where reality started -- and revealed the truth to be just the opposite, especially regarding Latino Trump followers like “Los 3 de la Habana.” The Cuban salsa group is known for the catchy “Trump Song” that became a big hit for the 2020 election campaign. However, they've now been targeted for intimidation, insults, harassment and direct death threats, in the wake of President Trump’s victory in the state of Florida.

As serious and concerning this may be for all Latinos, and even more for the Cuban-American community that made overwhelming election gains for Trump in Florida and Texas, as well as other states, to date, the national Hispanic newscasts have ignored the death threats. Local Miami affiliate Telemundo 51, did include a report on Thursday (almost a week after the group reported the issue to authorities), stating in fact, that the death-threats are serious enough to warrant police protection for the members of Los 3 de la Habana while the matter is under investigation.

For the others, all that really matters is flooding the airwaves with pro “President-Elect Joe Biden” coverage and Covid-19 panic porn talking points.

If you are concerned with the bias in Hispanic media, contact advertisers like Xfinity, that enable political agendas passing for news.