Univision, Telemundo ONLY Networks To Cover Horrendous Houston Migrant Murder

June 21st, 2024 12:01 AM

The nation is shocked by yet another horrendous murder of a girl at the hands of a pair of illegal aliens who should have never been here in the first place. The grisly murder of Jocelyn Nungaray at the hands of two illegals from Venezuela should have garnered coverage on the main network newscasts. But neither ABC, CBS, nor NBC could be bothered to cover the story.

Only Telemundo did a full report on the grisly murder. Here’s how anchor Julio Vaqueiro introduced the item filed by weekend anchor Johanna Suárez:

JULIO VAQUEIRO: Houston police arrested two people suspected of strangling and murdering a 12-year-old girl. Why did they kill her? How did it all happen? These are questions that authorities still need to answer. For now, the young girl’s family is immersed in pain.

Suárez then goes into a full report on the murder, but leaves out the provenance of the suspected murderers. The report closes with a vague mention of immigration authorities checking on the status of the killers. Even so, Telemundo’s report was a lot more substantive than Univision’s micro-brief:



6:52 PM

ELIAN ZIDAN: Houston police captured two men today Hispanics suspected of the death of Jocelyn Nungaray, a 12-year-old minor who was raped, strangled, and her remains were later found in a stream.

Random “Hispanics” did this killing, per Univision. At the time these newscasts went on the air, it was public knowledge that the killers came from Venezuela. Per Jennie Taer over at The New York Post:

One of the suspects crossed the border illegally less than a month before the shocking murder, and was released into the US after claiming he feared for his life if he was sent back to his home country, sources told The Post.

Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, were charged Thursday with capital murder.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sources said Pena Ramos crossed into El Paso, Texas, on May 28. He was released soon after his interaction with border agents.

The second suspect, Rangel Martinez, crossed the border at El Paso on March 14 and was released with a court date in August, sources said.

The killers had basically just entered the country. Illegally. And released into the interior of the country after saying magic words to overwhelmed border agents.

This explains why ABC, CBS, and NBC found no time to cover the story. In NBC’s case, there was no time after sending a reporter out on a schooner in Maine. Ostensibly, to report on the economy. From a schooner. 

Flaws and all, Telemundo and Univision at least showed up and reported on this horrendous murder at the hands of illegal migrants who should never have been in the country. The rest of the Regime Media did what they always do in these situations: Protect the Precious.

Click “expand” to view the full transcript of the aforementioned report as aired on Noticias Telemundo on Thursday, June 20th, 2024:



6:37 PM

JULIO VAQUEIRO: And on other things: Today, Houston police arrested two people suspected of strangling and murdering a 12-year-old girl. Why did they kill her? How did it all happen? These are questions that authorities still need to answer. For now, the young girl’s family is immersed in pain. Johanna Suárez has details.

JOHANNA SUÁREZ: These are the last images of Jocelyn Nungaray alive, after the 12-year-old girl left her home without permission on Sunday night. Something atypical, according to her mother.

ALEXIS NUNGARAY: She always stayed home. She never- never left, so I don't know what- what made her want to leave.

SUAREZ: She never returned home. This morning, Johan José Rangel Martínez, 21, and Franklin José Peña Ramos, 26, were arrested in these apartments near the crime scene, and face charges of capital murder for the strangulation death of the minor.

LARRY SATTERWHITE: A little girl who was tragically murdered…

SUÁREZ: In a press conference, the police indicated that cameras captured when these two men spoke with Jocelyn on Sunday night and they went to a 7-11 together. 

STEPHEN HOPE: The suspects and the victim walked together to a convenience store. After a few minutes, all three together walked to a bridge where, ultimately, Jocelyn was murdered.

SUAREZ: On Monday morning, a woman saw Jocelyn's body in this creek north of Houston, as her mother had just noticed her absence and located her in the creek on her phone.

NUNGARAY: She was very sweet, very kind. She had a love for all animals. She was very talented. Very very talented. She wanted to be an actor when she grew up.

SUAREZ: The police today revealed that it was thanks to these images that they found the suspects.

HECTOR GARCIA: When the detectives released the photos of the suspects, and so- that supported us because there were witnesses who recognized them. Those witnesses contacted the police and we were able to locate them and we were able to arrest them.

SUAREZ: Cold comfort for a community overwhelmed by the horrendous murder of a girl whose dreams of being an actress were cut short. And the Houston Police indicated that they are conducting pending tests to see if Jocelyn was sexually assaulted, and have also contacted immigration authorities to review the legal status of the two detained for this heinous crime.

VAQUEIRO: Yes, truly atrocious and the details are very tough. Thank you very much, Johanna.