REVOLT: Hispanics Turn on Univision, Protest Biased News Reporting

August 30th, 2020 5:44 PM

As the news media focused its attention on framing both the political conventions and the left-wing violence plaguing American cities, another important event recently took place as members of the Hispanic community in Miami turned out in protest against the nation’s largest Spanish-speaking network: Univision.

Watch below, as protesters made crystal clear that the reason they turned out in the Florida heat was to take Univision- and the rest of the liberal media- to task for the activist spin they put on their news coverage:




PROTESTER: This is how you let the fake news media know- this is how you let them know that we're the majority- but we're not silent. We're the majority. We're here and we're here to stay

MARIO VALLEJO, UNIVISION 23: The protest was carried out, per organizers, in order to demand that Univision, as well as all other media outlets, do journalism instead of activism, says the statement.

PROTESTER: Have a sense of shame! Show what is really happening here, because we're going to put it out on social media. There are thousands of cars and people here. 

VALLEJO: Those who participated in the protest issued a statement in which they say, "Our country is in urgent need of fair news and not fake news, for (the sake of) our future and of our children’s well-being.

Univision’s Miami affiliate had no choice but to cover the protest, organized by Cubans4Trump among other groups, as it happened in front of their own building. But Univision made sure the story stayed local, as the protest didn’t make it to the network’s national newscast.

The march is a reflection of what has been occurring within the Hispanic community for quite some time- a loss of confidence in the news media outlets that claim to serve the community. It is only a matter of time before the events in Miami duplicate themselves in places like New York, Houston, Chicago, and even Los Angeles. 

The people are fed up at the onslaught of activism seeking to pass itself off as journalism. Will Spanish-language media listen?

Click here to read Media Research Center Founder and President L. Brent Bozell III’s letter to the FCC, in strong opposition to the proposed rule change that would allow Univision to become 100% foreign-owned.