'You Ain’t Black' 2.0: Biden Surrogate Tells Univision That Hispanics Are “Crazy” For Supporting Trump

June 23rd, 2020 10:05 PM

Another day, another smear of conservative Hispanics at Univision- this time coming from a surrogate for the Biden campaign and under the watchful eye of Jorge Ramos.

Watch below as Luis Miranda, chairman of the Latino Victory Fund and Biden surrogate, smears Hispanics who support President Trump as "crazy", during Univision's "Voting is Power" election special:



LUIS MIRANDA, LATINO VICTORY: You have to be crazy in order to be a member of Hispanics for Trump and defend the worst president the Latino community has ever had in this nation's history. 

JORGE RAMOS: Jesús: thirty seconds.

JESUS MARQUEZ, LATINOS FOR TRUMP: Quickly- I believe Mr. Luis has insulted millions of Hispanics, Latinos that have voted for President Donald Trump. 30% of Latinos voted for Trump.

Ramos stood there and said nothing as a Democrat operative issued a blanket smear of Hispanics in a manner reminiscent of Joe Biden's "You ain't Black" dig at Charlamagne The God. This is to be expected, perhaps, given Ramos' own smear of conservative Hispanics as race-traitors, and his lament that there exist Hispanics who are "totally identified with this country" and who vote according to their conscience as opposed to how identitarians tell them to vote. 

These actions, brought to you by Sprint, Walmart, Nissan, Kia and Corona, are more consistent with a liberal pro-immigration lobby than with a serious news organization.