Jorge Ramos Was For Repealing Constitutional Amendments Before He Was Against It

August 18th, 2015 7:15 PM

Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policy - which includes a call to end birthright citizenship - has triggered fiery reactions including, predictably, that of Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. However, Ramos’ reactions bear a heavy whiff of hypocrisy.

Ramos took a break from his amnesty twitter barrage in order to appear on Hannity. The segment itself is forgettable in that there was no substantive dialogue - only a quick devolution into shouting of points over each other’s heads - namely, Sean Hannity’s consistently logical arguments for the rule of law and Ramos’ emotional arguments for amnesties as far as the eye can see.

The new crux of Ramos’ emotional arguments against the proposed repeal of the 14th Amendment is to suggest a coming mass deportation of babies, a point later echoed by Al Hunt on today’s Morning Joe.

One is almost convinced of Ramos’ fervor in defending the Constitution, but regular readers of this byline know fully well that Jorge Ramos is no constitutional scholar, and that by no means does he hold the Constitution’s amendments in equal regard:

In English: “Incredible: not a single USA politician – not one – has proposed repeal of the second amendment and prohibiting citizens from using firearms”.

In fact, Jorge Ramos only invokes the United States’ founding documents when grasping in the midst of an argument, and then only to cite a single line from the Declaration of Independence- what I call the “but, but, but all men are created equal” argument.

Conversely, Ramos displays no such constitutional fervor when discussing the right to life of the unborn, or the rights to free speech and to free exercise of religion of those who dissent against current administration policy, or very obviously, the individual right to keep and bear arms.

There are other, less lofty reasons for Univision’s advocacies for amnesty, as Ramos has also previously made very clear.