Hillary Campaigns With Univision’s Serial Groper, El Gordo

November 1st, 2016 10:36 AM

In what appears to be the height of hypocrisy, Hillary Clinton has now stooped to campaigning with a Univision personality who is famous for groping his female guests on the air.

What Hillary will do to get votes, at the behest of Univision Chairman and mega-donor Haim Saban. No less than appearing on a show that even the leftist Latino Rebels’ website has billed as “one of the country’s most misogynist”, with its regular feature of host and Hillary fundraiser Raúl de Molina groping female guests in the show’s on-set hot tub.

RAÚL DE MOLINA, HOST, UNIVISION: Come here, come here. Right there.


RAÚL DE MOLINA, HOST, UNIVISION: Oh! I’m sorry! Hey, I did it so that you wouldn’t fall, Lorena.

LORENA HERRERA, ACTRESS: Look, you’re playing dumb.

LILI ESTEFAN, HOST, UNIVISION: I promise you there aren’t any sharks in there.

LORENA HERRERA, ACTRESS: You’re taking advantage of me.

LORENA HERRERA, ACTRESS: Get away from me, you grabbed my butt, Gordo.

RAÚL DE MOLINA, HOST, UNIVISION: You’re making me look bad on TV, look at what you’re doing.

LORENA HERRERA, ACTRESS: You grabbed it when I stepped down. You took advantage that I was supposedly falling… [gestures a grab] and he grabbed it.

Molina’s antics with Mexican actress Lorena Herrera and other guests weren’t an anomaly. They have been a regular occurrence on the show throughout the years.

Thankfully, Hillary spared us from seeing her get into the Jacuzzi with Raúl. Instead, as Univision anchor Jorge Ramos reported in his weekly show Al Punto, she took advantage of the opportunity Univision gave her to talk up her pledge to secure U.S. citizenship for the nation’s millions of unauthorized immigrants.

RAÚL DE MOLINA, HOST, UNIVISION: If she [Clinton] wins the Presidency, what will you [Clinton] do for the Latino community?

HILLARY CLINTON, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I hope that I will be a good President for everyone in the United States, but I want to pay particular attention to the Latino community to get comprehensive immigration reform finally done with a path to citizenship…



HILLARY CLINTON, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I want to start, as soon as we get to the White House, I’m not waiting. We’re going to move very quickly…

The rank hypocrisy was only compounded by Jorge Ramos, who after highlighting Hillary’s appearance on Univision’s El Gordo y La Flaca (“The Fat Man and the Skinny Woman”) went on to grill Trump supporters Adryana Boyne and Irina Vilarino about how they can support Trump after what Trump said off-screen, in an Access Hollywood video, about celebrities being able to “get away” with touching women inappropriately.

Meanwhile, back on El Gordo y La Flaca, Hillary had nothing to worry about. No danger of questions about her and her enablers’ wanton mishandling of national security information and subsequent destruction of evidence, along with lack of full cooperation with federal investigators, nor any other pesky questions for the nation’s former chief diplomat, who left office under such an ignominious cloud and is now seeking a promotion to the presidency.