Ramos Rips Trump for Wanting to Preserve USA's 'Anglo-Saxon Tradition'

September 24th, 2016 7:45 AM

There’s a new aspect of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that Univision anchor Jorge Ramos finds deplorable.

In an opinion column lamenting Trump’s recent meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Ramos now faults Trump for wanting “to isolate the United States from the world and preserve its Anglo-Saxon tradition.”

Crass generalizations by Ramos aside, let’s pause to realize this is coming from a man that finds it perfectly fitting to celebrate Hispanic heritage month in the United States, but preserving (much less celebrating) the country’s central, founding Anglo heritage is somehow unacceptable? Go figure.

It should be noted that in the English version of the column, Ramos substitutes the precise reference to Trump’s support of the United States’ “Anglo-Saxon heritage” and instead uses the phrase “European heritage.”  

So it is that in the weird world of Jorge Ramos, there’s apparently something inherently wrong with wanting to preserve anything that the tens of millions of immigrants of European extraction who immigrated to the United States have contributed to making the country what it is today.

What about Mexico and the rest of Latin America’s European heritage? Is Ramos equally self-hating about that? After all, the reason Ramos is even on the scene in the first place and speaks Spanish is because a certain European country ruled Mexico for more than 250 years, right?

This is just the latest in the activist-anchor’s ever-escalating, broad-brush salvos against the Republican presidential nominee. Ramos’ column also goes on, as usual, to depict Trump’s support of U.S. border security and enforcing federal immigration law as a “fight against Latin American immigrants.”

The column is just another example of how Ramos is consistently inclined to inject race, racial motives and racial grievance into his narratives. “Trump thinks he can win the presidency with only white votes,” Ramos goes on to affirm, in open contradiction of all statements made by the candidate and his campaign.

Here’s a quick reality check, Mr. Anchorman: a candidate who favors exercising the rights of any sovereign nation to want free but fair trade, a secure border, and enforcement of immigration laws is not the same as severing the United States from the rest of the world, nor is inherently racist.

Below are the pertinent sections of the referenced September 8 column by Jorge Ramos, translated from the original Spanish:

Trump's true wall is in his head. He wants to isolate the United States and preserve its Anglo-Saxon tradition. That is the reason for the wall and his fight against Latin American immigrants. That is the reason for his rejection of free trade treaties and his disdain for international organizations.

But’s Trump’s bet is very risky. He believes he can win with only white American votes, and I believe he is wrong. There are no longer enough white votes in the United States to win the White House. Without African-Americans, Latinos and Asians, the party is over.

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