Daily Beast Writer Slams 'Cruel' 20-Week Abortion Ban: 'Wisconsin Women... Pay the Price for Walker's Campaign'

July 9th, 2015 6:47 PM

Women in the Badger State "are set to pay the price for [Gov. Scott] Walker's [presidential] campaign," Daily Beast writer Samantha Allen concluded her screed of an article "Wisconsin’s Cruel 20-Week Abortion Ban."

"When Wisconsin governor and expected 2016 GOP candidate Scott Walker found himself struggling to appeal to women in a close 2014 reelection race, he tried, however briefly, to soften his hard-line abortion stance. So why is he now poised to sign one of the country’s most extreme pieces of abortion legislation?" Allen lamented in her opening paragraph.

From there, Allen clanged the alarm bells about the pending signature into law of a "categorical ban on all non-emergency abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy." Among other concerns, she essentially groused -- without stating so explicitly -- that it would make it harder for pregnant women to say take the lives of unborn babies with Down Syndrome or other genetic or developmental disorders: 

A 20-week ban will also disproportionately impact women who have just received an anomaly ultrasound—which typically takes place between 18 to 20 weeks—requiring them to give birth even in a case of a severe or potentially fatal fetal abnormality.

Wow, and Walker's supposed to be the "cruel" one here.