ISIS Sets Prices for Female Slaves; Media Whine About U.S. ‘War on Women’

November 7th, 2014 11:32 AM

This is the real “War on Women.” 

Iraqi News reported Nov. 3 on an ISIS document that supposedly listed the prices at which to sell Yazidi and Christian women and children abducted by the terrorist group. Citing economic reasons, ISIS listed the worth of a young woman at $85, of girl at $128, of a child – as young as a year old – at $171. Only a few media outlets covered the story. The feminist media didn’t , maybe because free contraceptives weren’t at issue. 

Translating the ISIS document, the news site revealed, “The market to sell women and spoils of war has been experiencing a significant decrease, which has adversely affected ISIS revenue and financing of the Mujahideen.” 

In response, the group determined specific prices for women and children, while “vowing to execute whoever violates those controls.” This is the worth of a human life, according to ISIS: 

  • A woman, 40 to 50-years-old: 50,000 dinars. ($42.90)
  • A woman, 30 to 40-years-old: 75,000 dinars. ($64.35)
  • A woman, 20 to 30-years-old: 100,000 dinars. ($85.80)
  • A girl, 10 to 20-years-old: 150,000 dinars. ($128.70)
  • A child, 1 to 9-years-old: 200,000 dinars. ($171.60) 

New York PostDaily MailRTInternational Business TimesOpposing Views and Christianity Today are among the few outlets to report on the story. 

The news came after a recent video emerged of ISIS fighters allegedly bartering over Yazidi women during a “slave market day.” In it, the men chant, “Where is my Yazidi girl?”

One man declared, “If she is 15-years-old … I have to check her … Check her teeth” and continued, “If she doesn't have teeth, why would I want her? Another decided, “I buy her for a pistol,” “I buy her for a Glock.” 

In reaction, Tearfund’s Katie Harrison told Christianity Today about the “the hasty marriage ceremonies between buyer and the woman they've bought in order to justify his raping her.”

"And these are not just grown women," Harrison said. "The youngest girl we heard of being taken for rape was three years old."

This is the war on women the media don't report on. Instead, feminist media prefer a “silly” war, where the goals are to ban the word “bossy,” demand free tampons and label abortion as “good” and “moral.”

You’d think, at the very least, they would find time for this too.