‘Big Three’ Sunday Shows Ignore Hillary Claiming Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

October 26th, 2014 12:16 PM

During a campaign rally for Martha Coakley, Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made some controversial comments about private businesses not being job creators. 

Speaking on Friday, Clinton told a Democratic audience to ignore people who say “corporations and businesses create jobs.” Despite the potential 2016 presidential candidate expressing far left anti-business sentiments, all three network Sunday morning political shows (ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face The Nation, and NBC’s Meet the Press) conveniently ignored Ms. Clinton’s remarks during their midterm coverage. 

Ms. Clinton continued her attack on business during the campaign rally: 

You know that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly. You know, one of the things my husband says when people say ‘Well, what did you bring to Washington,’ he said, ‘Well, I brought arithmetic.

With less than two weeks until the midterm elections, Ms. Clinton is one of the few national Democrats actively campaigning across the country for her fellow Democrats, but her anti-business comments remained absent from the networks' Sunday political shows. 

ABC’s This Week was the only network Sunday show to mention Clinton’s name but it came in the context of whether or not Monica Lewinsky’s speech earlier in the week would impact her decision to seek the White House in 2016. 

One wonders if the “big three” would have ignored controversial comments made by a Republican presidential candidate they same way they did for Mrs. Clinton or would it be a major topic on the Sunday morning political shows? Given their infatuation with a potential Hillary candidacy, it should come as no surprise that the “big three” chose to ignore her controversial remarks.

H/T Breitbart