Obama To Sharpton: Voter ID Laws No Barrier to 'Overwhelming Majority' of People Who Don't Vote

October 23rd, 2014 8:19 PM

How about that, maybe those wild-eyed assertions that Barack Obama isn't who he claims to be aren't far off the mark after all. Once liberals hear his latest remarks on voter ID laws, they just might conclude that Obama is a Manchurian candidate -- for conservatives.

The president was a guest on Al Sharpton's radio show Tuesday -- yes, "the Rev" has a radio program but hardly anyone listens because it's even more dreary and predictable than the awful dreck he serves up on MSNBC.

In a shocking turn of events for those of us occasionally required to listen to Sharpton, his program on Tuesday with Obama calling in made for delightful radio when the subject turned to voter ID laws (audio) --

SHARPTON: What do you say to people that have become discouraged because of voter ID laws and other laws that your Justice Department has challenged but has not in every state succeeded in straightening out? What do you say to those voters in those states?

OBAMA: Well, we're going to keep on challenging many of these laws. But keep in mind that most of these laws are not preventing the overwhelming majority of folks who don't vote from voting.

SHARPTON: Mmm hmm (sounding like he agrees).

OBAMA: Most people do have an ID. Most people do have a driver's license. Most people can get to the polls. It may not be as convenient and maybe a little more difficult, it may be a few people who are impeded. And if you go to iwillvote.com, it'll give you information also on (whether) somebody is unfairly preventing you from voting, but the bottom line is, if less than half of our folks vote, these laws aren't preventing the other half from not voting. The reason we don't vote is because people have been fed this notion that somehow it's not going to make a difference. It makes a huge difference. The fact of the matter is that we've now had four years of a Republican House of Representatives because in 2010, Democrats didn't vote and Republicans did.

So much for the overwrought claims that voter ID laws are akin to Jim Crow.  Speaking of crow, Congressman Jim Clyburn will be forcing down an unpalatable serving, if he hasn't already.

As to be expected, Sharpton's interview with Obama was featured prominently on his MSNBC show several hours later. And just as predictably, Sharpton could not bring himself to play audio of Obama's remarks on voter ID. Instead, he played a snippet of Obama citing the obvious importance of getting out the vote --

SHARPTON: Throughout our discussion, the president emphasized one theme above all -- get out and vote, even if there's voter ID. Even if some are trying to suppress your rights, you need to get out and vote.

OBAMA: If we have high turnout in North Carolina, then we will win. We have high turnout in Georgia, we will win. If we have high turnout in Colorado, we will win. And so, so, across the board, it is important for us to take responsibility and not give away our power. Just turn out and vote ... get out there and vote. Now's the time to do it, no excuses. Keep on getting those folks out to the polls.

SHARPTON: Yes, sir.

OBAMA: Tell them the president said, no excuses. The first lady said no excuses.

Expect to hear Obama's remarks from Sharpton's show -- the ones on radio, not cable -- repeated over the next 10 days ... in GOP ads.