Sara Carter & MRC’s Schneider Predict Media Lawsuits, RIP Big Tech on Latest MRC UnCensored

November 10th, 2023 4:52 PM

Fox News contributor and investigative journalist Sara Carter slammed Big Tech and the legacy media during an interview with MRC Free Speech Vice President Dan Schneider on the latest episode of MRC UnCensored. 

Over the course of the Nov. 9 interview, Schneider and Carter addressed the shameful behavior of Big Tech titans suppressing online free speech across the world. They also predicted lawsuits over recent horrifying reports of legacy media photographers' complicity in the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attacks that killed 1,400 Israelis. “I hope there are multiple lawsuits across the board, targeting these news agencies,” said Carter about the recent evidence. But her ire also extended to Big Tech, who she said, and data shows, “demonetized” her for “seeking the truth.”

Liberal media photojournalists employed by CNN, Reuters, The New York Times and The Associated Press have been accused of embedding with Hamas during the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks against the nation of Israel.  According to NewsBusters, on Nov. 8, The Associated Press, CNN, The New York Times and Reuters have all responded to HonestReporting's story with reactions ranging from cutting ties with the photojournalists in question to defending their work. You can read NewsBusters' reporting on their statements here.

Schneider commented on these atrocities in his interview with Carter. “[T]these photojournalists were embedded with the Hamas terrorists before the attack began,” Schneider explained. “They knew the attack was going to commence. They did not warn anybody that the attack was going to commence.” 

Schneider also predicted that there will be consequences for the journalists involved in attacks. “I think we’re going to see big lawsuits by the families of the murdered victims and the injured victims against AP, CNN, [The] New York Times and Reuters at a minimum for paying these, their own photojournalists kept silent about what was about to happen,” said Schneider

Carter agreed, also calling for lawsuits. “I certainly hope so. I hope every single family that is connected and has lost a loved one or has a loved one who has been taken, or who was harmed in any way shape or form or had to flee their home or has family in the United States, I hope there are multiple lawsuits across the board, targeting these news agencies,” Carter said. 

She then addressed her own experience working with foreign sources and ensuring that they do not “mean harm to either Americans or to their own people” and emphasized the incredible failure of legacy media outlets to vet their freelancers. Carter added, “You have video footage that is coming from a freelance photographer who is embedded with Hamas on one of the most barbaric attacks in modern history, against the state of Israel and innocent human beings.” 

Carter went on to emphasize the “demonic” nature of the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas against the nation of Israel: 

“When I think of those poor innocent babies and those children and those women and those men that were sitting at home just minding their own business and living their lives and all of a sudden out of nowhere, people are charging through their doors, they’re pointing guns at them, they’re ripping them apart, they’re throwing a baby in an oven for crying out loud! They’re doing things that are so inhuman that it only can be described as demonic. And to know that our news agencies used footage by people that could have stopped this attack, it’s unacceptable to me. It’s wrong and it has to be stopped.” 

Later, in the interview, Schneider and Carter discussed another harrowing reality: the suppression of speech on a global scale by tech giants. Schneider detailed how MRC researchers have documented over 6,000 cases of censorship on, and that included among the 6,000-plus cases, MRC documented YouTube demonetizing Carter after she spoke with pro-democracy activist Andy Chan from Hong Kong. 

Carter explained what happened to her. “They demonetized me, and they never gave it back. They never let me grow. I’ve stayed at 32,000 Youtubers since that day. They’ve never allowed me to grow. They’ve never given me my freedom back on YouTube,” Carter said, before saying that Chan, “Is somebody that we all love and respect and somebody who bravery doesn’t even begin to describe what he was up against and what he is still up against.” 

Carter added that, “It’s unbelievable to me that we live in a global world where lies are becoming the norm and those that are seeking the truth have to fight against a wall of lies.” 

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