WATCH: Musk WARNS Big Tech Against Putting ‘Thumb on the Scale,’ Important for Civilization

February 15th, 2023 5:42 PM

Elon Musk says Big Tech oligarchs in San Francisco shouldn’t impose their values on the world for the sake of the future of our civilization.

On Wednesday, Elon Musk warned against Silicon Valley elitism at the World Government Summit in Dubai. He referred to the rampant censorship under Twitter’s previous leadership and said it was important “for the future of civilization to try to correct that thumb on the scale,” and to “have Twitter more accurately reflect ... the people of earth.”

 Musk highlighted the stark contrast between “the rest of the world” and the “niche ideology” of Twitter headquarters and its progressive San Francisco neighborhoods.

“That’s the general idea to reflect the values of the people as opposed to imposing the values of essentially San Francisco and Berkeley–which are somewhat of a niche ideology as compared to the rest of the world.”



Musk also expressed his concern for the global consequences of censored social media content. 

“I think I was a little worried about the direction and the effect of social media on the world, and especially Twitter,” he said. I thought it was very important for there to be a maximally trusted sort of digital public square where people within countries and internationally could communicate with the least amount of censorship allowed by law.” 

The billionaire’s transparency seemed to have answered questions many have asked about the beliefs that inform his leadership at Twitter. Just a few days ago, podcaster Joe Rogan and journalist Matt Taibbi had a long conversation about Musk’s out of the box management style. The pair rightly speculated that Musk was indeed concerned about Twitter’s influence on democracy.  Elon Musk “truly believes that censored social media is a threat to democracy,” Rogan commented.

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