WATCH: Joe Rogan Rips Big Tech, Calls ‘Censored Social Media’ a ‘Threat to Democracy’

February 14th, 2023 4:53 PM

Renowned podcast host Joe Rogan and Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi hashed out Elon Musk’s quirky business strategy at Twitter that ticked off many on the left.

On Monday, podcast host Joe Rogan released a conversation with guest Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi where they discussed “eccentric billionaire” Twitter owner Elon Musk’s leadership style and the platform’s sudden turn towards free speech despite media backlash. Rogan said Elon Musk “truly believes that censored social media is a threat to democracy.” He added, “I believe it too.” 

The pair discussed the radical transparency Musk has brought to the platform through the Twitter files.



“Elon Musk essentially spent $44 billion dollars to become a whistleblower of his own company,” commented Taibbi.

“I don’t think anybody ever anticipated that something like this would happen where Twitter would get sold to an eccentric billionaire who’s intent on letting all the information get released,” said Rogan referring to Musk’s release of the Twitter Files. 

Taibbi responded by pointing out the billionaire’s humorous business strategy once he bought the company.

Taibbi continued: “I think he’s got a pretty developed sense of humor though and that comes through. I think he gets a kick out of seeing all this stuff come out on Twitter which used to be the kind of the private stomping ground of all these whiny journalists and now here’s all this information that is just horrifying to all of them. $44 billion dollars is a lot to spend on that thrill, but I’m glad he did,” he said. 

Taibbi went on to say that Musk believes that the credibility of companies like Twitter can only be restored by lifting the veil on private company conversations.

“I think he also believes that the credibility of these companies can only be restored by telling people what they talk about in private or what they have been talking about,” he said. “So, he might be right about that.”

Rogan and Taibbi agreed that the left’s fickle attempt to smear Musk was an interesting phenomenon to watch. 

“There’s an amazing amount of resistance against him. And, you know, just the publicity campaign against him has been fascinating to watch,” Rogan noted. People go from thinking that Elon Musk is this savior that's bringing us these amazing electric cars and engineering new renewable rockets to he's an alt-right piece of shit who wants Donald Trump back in the office. It’s very wild. 

Taibbi added,” He went from being the guy who made electric cars sexy to something to the right of Viktor Orbán in like ten seconds. It's amazing.”

Joe Rogan has been adamant about the liberal media’s silence over The Twitter Files, which he equated with a Watergate level scandal on a previous episode. 

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