Caving to Leftist Pressure? Big Tech Vows to Censor So-Called Election ‘Misinformation’

October 20th, 2022 5:02 PM

The U.S. midterm elections are just around the corner and the legacy media have donned their activist hats. The liberal media have been calling on social media platforms to more actively combat so-called “misinformation” online.

Liberal media outlets seem to be beside themselves as they suggest that social media platforms could be a “fertile ground” for spreading alleged election misinformation.

And it seems Big Tech has caved to the leftist pressure. Nine of the “top 10 social media sites & platforms,” according to Search Engine Journal, introduced policies to allegedly help “protect” the 2022 U.S. midterms.

Apparent government collusion, content suppression and narrative manipulation are highlights of social media’s election policies.

On this week’s episode of CensorTrack with Paiten, I provide an update on Big Tech’s policy plans in the leadup to the 2022 midterm elections.

Meta – parent company to Facebook and Instagram – indicated it is “working with federal government partners including the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, as well as local and state election officials and industry peers to make sure we’re all preparing for different scenarios.”

The company also partners with The Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network to address so-called “viral misinformation.” Facebook and Instagram label content deemed harmful by their fact-checking partners and demote the content’s reach using their algorithms.

In addition to suppressing fact-checked content, social media platforms also plan on controlling the narrative by subjectively picking content winners and losers.

Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat all claimed to err on the side of caution by warning viewers of unsubstantiated content or preventing unvetted content from reaching a wide audience.

At this point, it’s obvious that most social media platforms are just pawns for the left. Leftist activists and media companies complain that platforms need to do more to crack down on so-called “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

And then how do the platforms respond? They bow down to the left’s radical, anti-American agenda and censor content that doesn’t agree with their narrative.

Before and after the 2022 U.S. midterm elections, we must call on Big Tech companies to mirror the First Amendment while providing transparency, clarity on hate speech and equal footing for conservatives.

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