New Netflix Documentary Sheds Light on Big Tech Election Influence

September 11th, 2020 11:24 AM

Although Netflix has become a cesspool of liberal propaganda, the streaming service does occasionally get something right. 

A new Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma highlights the power that Big Tech companies have over the way that the modern world interacts, including the role that these companies play in elections. The film was released on September 9.

“Facebook conducted what they called ‘massive scale contagion experiments. How do we use subliminal cues on the Facebook pages to get more people to vote in the midterm elections? And they discovered that they were able to do it,” said Dr. Shoshana Zuboff, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School. 

But the problem goes deeper than providing users with reminders of a civic good. The documentary points out that each user’s Facebook news feed or even Google search results are different, depending on factors like geographic location and past interactions. 

Justin Rosenstein, a former engineer at both Facebook and Google, pointed out: “You look at the other side, and you think ‘how can these people be so stupid? Look at all of this information that I’m constantly seeing. How are they not seeing the same information?’ And the answer is, they’re not seeing that same information.” 

And this problem is further exacerbated by Big Tech’s promotion of leftist ideas. For example, a recent MRC study found that Twitter Moments promoted the Democratic National Convention five times more than the Republican National Convention. Facebook’s fact-checking partners are approved by the Soros-funded Poyner Institute. Google launched a campaign to register more U.S. voters in August and claimed that it would work with non-partisan partners such as DemocracyWorks. DemocracyWorks is funded by several liberal organizations, including The Knight Foundation, The Democracy Fund, and The MacArthur Foundation. 

Netflix is far from perfect. The streaming service has a “Big Pedo Problem,” most recently with the film “Cuties.” Its recent “The Babysitters Club” series also included a transgender child, several gay couples, and a group of witches meeting in a “spiritual circle." However, “The Social Dilemma” does, at the very least, point out some substantial threats from Big Tech.

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