Biden Nominates Soros-Tied Extremist to FCC AGAIN

January 4th, 2023 5:29 PM

Joe Biden has nominated pro-censorship, George Soros-tied extremist Gigi Sohn to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a second time, as the 2021 nominee’s confirmation continued to stall.

The Verge noted that the extra Senate seat Democrats took during the midterms could finally break the deadlock on Sohn’s appointment. The Biden administration has been unable to get many of its proposed measures through the FCC as some more moderate Democrats have withheld support from Sohn.

Net neutrality is one issue where Sohn’s stance has gained less Democrat support than she needs, The Verge explained.

But Sohn also has a history of extremist, anti-conservative bias and support for censorship. As MRC reported in 2021, Sohn has deep ties to leftist billionaire George Soros too. Sohn formerly served as the President of a liberal nonprofit called Public Knowledge which received at least $1,148,984 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations between 2016 and 2020. Open Society Foundations also named Sohn a 2017 “Leadership in Government” fellow. “On Jan 16, I start a Leadership in Government Fellowship @OpenSociety Foundations. I'll be speaking, writing, etc. Follow me at @gigibsohn,” Sohn celebrated on Twitter in December 2016.

Sohn also mocked the idea of anti-conservative bias in censorship and specifically targeted Fox News. For instance, she tweeted in March 2020 that Fox News representatives should be grilled at “a hearing on misinformation,” indicating that her proposed solution to so-called “misinformation” means government overreach.

In October 2020, Sohn actually accused congressional Republicans of pressuring tech companies to produce misinformation. Ultimately, of course, Big Tech censored information to the aid of Democrats. “.@SenBrianSchatz calls out Rs 4 having a hearing solely 2 bully the #bigtech CEOs 2 push out election misinformation,” Sohn whined.

She also sneered from her unverified account in May 2020, “For years, @Twitter & @Facebook tried to appease @realDonaldTrump & other right-wing extremists on phony claims of conservative bias. It didn't work.” Sohn has not tweeted since 2021.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sohn was involved in an ethics scandal regarding the nonprofit Sports Fans Coalition of New York as well, a potential conflict of interest she failed to disclose that was canvassed during her confirmation hearing.

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