YouTube, Instagram Ban ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Song

October 24th, 2021 5:56 PM

YouTube and Instagram are among the Big Tech platforms that have banned “Let’s Go Brandon,” an anti-Biden song at the top of iTunes. 

Rapper Bryson Gray took the popular euphemism and turned it into a rap song. The song quickly went viral on TikTok, and is now Apple Music’s number one Hip Hop song. The song even surpassed Adele’s new hit, “Easy On Me.”

According to Fox News, the lyric version of the video was originally banned, “but then the actual music video was taken down,” as well.

The reason it was banned, however, might shock you–YouTube said the video contained “medical misinformation.” A strike was issued against Gray’s account.

“YouTube has banned “Let’s Go Brandon” song from YouTube due to “medical information”. What medical misinformation is in the song? Whoa,” Gray tweeted.

However, Gray was not disheartened over the ban.

“WE DID IT. FROM BANNED ON YOUTUBE TO PASSING ADELE ON THE ITUNES CHARTS TO BECOME THE #1 SONG IN THE COUNTRY! Gray tweeted. “Stop being afraid of censorship. Stop being afraid to be cancelled. STAND UP. Thank y’all so much! KEEP IT GOING!”

YouTube apparently said they would “re-review” the matter, but no changes have been made yet.

“Jumping in – we’re passing this along to the right team for a re-review,” the reply said. “We’ll share updates once we hear back from them. Appreciate your patience in the meantime.”

Instagram later banned the video as well, saying it contained “harmful false information.”

“Instagram just banned the music video also. Haha cute but it’s too late,” he added, noting that a ban cannot stop the spread of the song.