Tech CEO Declares War, Explains Tactical Plan to Fight Big Tech

November 19th, 2020 12:16 PM

Billionaire tech firm CEO Peter Rex vowed he will lead the charge against Big Tech overlords and outlined a bold plan of how to undo their monopoly for good.

Rex CEO and founder Peter Rex gave a rousing interview on “Fox and Friends” this week. He described how conservatives need to put their money where their mouths are and support new ventures to create an alternative to far-left Silicon Valley: "Leadership that believes especially in the working class, that wants to protect their freedom of speech, and trusts people to be able to discern the truth when given the opportunity to see various points of view."

Two major changes the conservative movement must make were proposed by Rex: The first was that "we have to invest in entrepreneurs who are grounded in Judeo-Christian thinking.” The second was that "we need to build an alternative power structure outside of Silicon Valley and Seattle, in a place where freedom, faith and family are flourishing and are still held as sacred," Rex explained.

The roots of Rex’s fighting mindset against overwhelming odds go deep:

"My family and my ancestors came from Ireland, where, as Catholics, they were held down, and I'm seeing this kind of censorship and holding people down, trying to hold the working class down, and I'm not going to allow that to happen. I'm not going to stand by. I'm going to fight for them.”

He explained that the catalyst for his company’s move to Texas was that a number of his employees were unable to afford houses in Seattle. Since moving to Texas, a place he described as matching his values far better, many of his employees now are able to afford land.

The Nov. 17 hearing, where Big Tech CEO’s of Twitter and Facebook were grilled for biased censorship, was a call to arms to Rex. Rex proposed that the social media companies had “crossed the line” this time.

Rex had written an op-ed for Fox Business on Nov. 18 in which he explained that public policy can only go so far, partly because Republicans and Democrats are so divided on how they wish to tackle Big Tech: “Republicans want to punish tech companies for censorship, while Democrats want to break up tech monopolies.”

“Three key elements” were described by Rex, in order for conservatives to make an assertive rather than a defensive approach to Big Tech. Such an approach would include: protecting “diversity of thought,” investing in “values-driven tech entrepreneurs” and building “alternative tech power structures.”

Conservatives are under attack. Contact your local representative and demand that Big Tech be held to account to mirror the First Amendment while providing transparency, clarity on “hate speech” and equal footing for conservatives. If you have been censored, contact us at the Media Research Center contact form and help us hold Big Tech accountable.