Networks Refuse to Cover Dual IRS Developments; Haven’t Covered IRS Since July

September 6th, 2014 10:48 AM

The major broadcast networks continued their month-long plus streak of not covering the IRS scandal on Friday night and Saturday morning as ABC, CBS, and NBC all omitted from their evening and morning newscasts two major developments. The new details on the scandal involving the agency that targeted conservative groups include the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) informing congressional staffers that a possible 760 IRS computer servers exist that could contain lost e-mails from Lois Lerner.

As I documented early Friday evening, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan wrote to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen that congressional staff have spoken with the TIGTA and that the “760 exchange server tapes could be a potential source for the destroyed emails sent or received by Ms. Lerner.”

Jordan also said that he would be holding a congressional hearing on the matter on September 17 and include questioning of Koskinen on the matter.

Also revealed on Friday was news from the Associated Press that the emails of five more employees under investigation by Congress for their role in the targeting of conservative groups are lost. The AP wrote:

On Friday, the IRS said it has also lost emails from five other employees related to the probe, including two agents who worked in a Cincinnati office processing applications for tax-exempt status. 

The agency blamed computer crashes for the lost emails. In a statement, the IRS said it found no evidence that anyone deliberately destroyed evidence.

Some examples of what the networks covered instead of these new IRS scandal bombshells include ABC’s Good Morning America reporting during its Saturday show on a new giant rabbit made of rubber in Taiwan by the same person who made a massive rubber duck that has appeared in cities throughout the world since 2007.

Over on CBS This Morning Saturday and NBC’s Today on Saturday, both programs aired news briefs of two deer finding their way across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco during the height of rush hour.