Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ and Justin Bieber Inflict Earth Day Special on Earth

April 22nd, 2021 2:03 PM

It’s Earth Day, so Bill Nye the Science Guy came out to see his shadow and spout climate change propaganda as usual. He enlisted the talents of Justin Bieber, Maluma “Baby” and other musicians to perform “Earth Day! The Musical,” a Facebook Watch special. 

The cringe-fest aired on Earth Day April 22 to a live streaming audience. The pseudo-science kid’s TV show host teamed up with to spotlight young climate activists and their efforts in lessening the effects of climate change. One was Jerome Foster II, a climate strike activist responsible for organizing protests outside of the White House. The 18 year-old has since upgraded to an official role as youngest member of the Biden White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council. They’re starting the next generation of climate-change militants young.  

All the heavy-hitters like TikTok sensations Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, singer Cody Simpson, DJ Steve Aoki, boy-band CNCO, Broadway star Ben Platt, and actor Zac Efron, and others were featured. The Science Guy is harnessing the clout of young celebrities to appeal to the younger climate-minded generation. 

During the show, Facebook introduced its new #RestoreOurEarthChallenge, which as reports “calls on international viewers to share pictures, videos and other social media posts about the steps they’re taking to combat climate change on Earth day this year.”

Latin pop star Maluma is very passionate about sustainability like his co-stars. He recently released the “Rumba (Puro Oro Anthem)” in honor of Earth Day and in collaboration with Michelob Ultra Pure Gold. The beer company has just created a new brew produced with 100% renewable solar electricity. That’s sure to be a best-seller.

This Earth Day special is one of the many tactics of Bill Nye to engage his young audience in climate justice. The “science” communicator likes to play an authoritative role in all matters relating to the field. Nye has particularly capitalized on the issue of global warming. His schtick reads as climate alarmist and prophet of doom, often scolding what he would consider uneducated lowlifes who deny the world’s end is swiftly approaching because of manmade climate change. 

In reality he is a terrible spokesman for science, being that he is politically motivated and has a tendency of pandering to whatever people want to hear for the sake of fame.