NBC Nightly News Cheers for Dems Filibustering for Missouri Abortion ‘Rights’

May 16th, 2024 1:54 PM

NBC Nightly News ran a segment celebrating the Missouri Democrats who held a more than 50 hour marathon filibuster trying to block a bill that would restrict abortion. The outlet praised the “supporters of abortion rights” who wanted to “protect” a woman’s “right” to kill her kid.

Presently in Missouri, Republicans are trying to pass a bill that would make it more challenging to amend the Missouri constitution. Democrats are fighting for the option to amend the state constitution, in order to eventually include abortion until fetal viability.

NBC loved this idea.


“Tonight, Democrats are fighting back,” against “one of the strictest” bans on abortion in the country, NBC News Washington Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor said. 

“Supporters of abortion rights say they’ve gathered enough signatures for a separate ballot measure in November that would protect access to abortions,” Alcindor said excitedly. “But if the Republican proposal is passed before November,” she added, “enacting the abortion amendment would not just require a simple statewide majority but also majorities from five of the state’s eight districts,” making it harder to pass certain things, especially for Democrats, given that Missouri is traditionally more red.

NBC then played a clip from State Senator Lauren Arthur (D-Mo.) who said, “The reason Republicans are so committed to silencing people’s voices at the ballot box is because they’re afraid that Missourians are going to come out in support of restoring their reproductive rights and their access to abortion in Missouri."

It’s extremely obvious which side of this debate NBC stands on with this puff piece. It’s just a shame that it's the side that celebrates and advocates for more baby death.