OnlyFans Mother Outraged Over Interrupting Work to Care for Sick Son

February 28th, 2024 10:33 AM

Some people really need their “parenting” style reported to CPS.

Today’s example of that comes from a mother who posted a video online complaining that she had to stop streaming on her OnlyFans account in order to pick up her sick son from school. She was pissed that her sex work had to be interrupted to tend to her son’s needs.

Talk about bad parenting!

If you aren’t aware, OnlyFans is an internet content subscription service that’s primarily used by sex workers. Though it was created in 2016, it’s become more popular in the recent years. Essentially, users pay for content (photos, videos and live streams) via a monthly subscription. While some of the top creators use it as their main source of income, others use it to supplement theirs. 

The mother in the video was irate that she had to help her son and stop her session.

The video, which was posted by Dr. Jebra Faushay, an account that pokes fun at insane leftism, now has almost eight million views in just over 12 hours.

After growling to the camera the mother said, “I am so pissy today” before explaining that 11 a.m. is prime posting time and she had to go get her sick ten-year-old from school.

“I’m cranky because my child — my child is ten, I had to come up to the school, I had to pick him up, why? Why I had to f**kin pick this kid up? I had to pick this kid up because he’s a man. He’s a little man and he’s got a weak a** stomach like f**king most men do,” she said with clear frustration. 

Her son threw up in the library after another child tooted next to him.

“So I have to interrupt my day because some kid’s got a rank a**hole? That’s a new kind of [c**k] block,” she insisted.

Uh, ma'am, when you have kids, everything is interrupted if they need something. That’s how parenting works. Your needs are to be denied to help your child. End of story.

At the end of the video, after complaining even more, she said, “I’m gonna Kool Aid man through the side of a wall today, that’s what I’m gonna do, yup. I’m gonna do it because I’m pint up and I’ve got a lot of aggression.”

Honestly, I feel awful for the child whose mother posted the video. She cares so much more about herself and her virtual sex work than about him.

Others noticed that too when they replied to the video on X.

“Poor kid. Hope Dad’s working towards full custody,” one user wrote. “I’m honestly scared for her son. I feel like that kid does not have a loving home,” another added while one more wrote “It’s sad to see her bash her own son. Some people are not meant to be parents.”

I really hope her son never sees this video.