AZ Schools Secretly Help Students Transition

February 13th, 2024 4:46 PM

Emily Wulff, a school counselor at the Kino Junior High School in Mesa, Arizona is in deep trouble after creating a spreadsheet to track whether parents knew about a child’s transition or gender confusion. If the parents were unaware/unsupportive, Wulff and other staff would secretly affirm a child and conceal that fact from the student’s parents.

If you needed another nudge to homeschool, this is it.

Wulff created a “parental concealment cheat sheet” as a way to skirtail the Arizona law that prohibits schools from using a child’s preferred pronouns or a name different than their legal name.

America First Legal is now suing the Mesa school district on behalf of a mother and daughter who went through a situation where the daughter was being secretly transitioned. The daughter who was called Megan for privacy purposes, was secretly being called “Michael” for months in her Mesa middle school. As AFL put it, the mother “met with the school principal, who confirmed the name change and that the school had intentionally been keeping it hidden from” her. 

When the mother found out about the issue, she and Megan sat down with school counselors and talked through Megan’s issues. Her gender confusion was resolved and is now “very comfortable presenting herself as a female and using her given name and is thriving in high school.” 

Megan’s mother and AFL insist that if the school had contacted the mother prior to all of this about Megan’s confusion, it could have been resolved and avoided months prior.

AFL’s complaint also talks about the Kino Junior High situation where the “parental concealment cheat sheets” were found. 

“The suit alleges that MPS maintains a policy of hiding from parents when a child socially transitions to a different gender in school. This policy is directly contrary to Arizona’s Parents’ Bill of Rights, which makes it illegal for government employees ‘to encourage or coerce’ a child ‘to withhold information from the child’s parent,’” AFL reported.

Additionally, Arizona schools are supposed to adhere to the Parents’ Bill of Rights which “gives parents the right ‘to direct the’ ‘education,’ ‘upbringing,’ ‘moral or religious training,’ and ‘health care decisions’ of their children.’” Arizona also requires parental consent to teach about and or have decisions on sexuality.

This little cheat sheet is a major red flag for the public school system in Mesa and parents there should proceed with caution when enrolling their kids.