'What's The Big Deal?' Planned Parenthood Releases Video About Virginity for Kids

January 29th, 2024 11:31 AM

Planned Parenthood has gone FULL groomer now.

Last week Planned Parenthood tweeted out a video about virginity. The minute long infomercial talked about the different types of sex and promoted the idea that “sex” is basically whatever you want it to be. 

The video featured one groomer from the group who stood in what looked like a set of a sex ed classroom. “Sex Ed 101” was in colorful letters across the top of the classroom scene. There was also a female and male reproductive system diagram, a poster that talked about consent, and a skeleton with a t-shirt that read, “sex ed is power.”

The room looked very colorful and enticing for young viewers, obviously.

The speaker very passionately began talking:

Sex means different things to different people. Generally speaking, society tends to define sex in a very narrow way: penetration — penis into vagina. But where does that definition leave queer people? Or folks who can’t, or don’t, have penis-in-vagina sex, and choose to have oral, anal, or another type of sex instead?

Lips, a peach and water droplet emojis popped up on the screen when the woman talked about oral, anal and “other” types of sex. Again, cartoon drawings / emojis are very easy ways to catch or maintain a young person’s attention. 

The speaker then went on to “define” sex and said that it’s only defined by one thing, “you.”

“Maybe that’s being fingered for the first time. Maybe it’s having anal sex. Maybe it’s having your first orgasm. Maybe it’s masturbating for the first time, or when you enthusiastically consent to sex,” the woman said energetically.

Towards the end of the painfully long 56 second video, the woman talked about the “beauty” of one’s “sexual journey.”

“You’re in charge, and you can figure it out on your own terms. Choosing to have sex — when, what kind, where, and who with —  is something that only you get to define,” she said.

At the moment, the video has close to three million views and has over two thousand comments, most of which bashing the grooming motives of Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood is going full groomer now,” comedian Tim Young wrote. “She’s talking to kids…. Everyone gets that right? Like… young kids. Pastel colors, school back drop. This is perverse,” another user added while one more wrote, “Leave children alone, sickos.”

Other users used the opportunity to poke fun at the speaker saying,  “This person even looks like an expert on virginity” and “I don't think you need to worry about losing your virginity.”

Likely due to the backlash it received, Planned Parenthood now only lets accounts it follows or mentioned reply to the video on X.

Like many users pointed out, this kind of post isn’t shocking coming from Planned Parenthood. Back in June, MRCTV reported on another X post that Planned Parenthood released about virginity. The post essentially insisted that “not being a giant hoe-bag makes you a slave to white men,” we’d said at the time. The group posted an image of a photoshopped billboard that read, “Virginity is a social construct,” and insisted that being a virgin is based on a patriarchal way of thinking and is “outdated.”

All this makes perfect sense for Planned Parenthood. Think about it. Both that billboard and the little infomercial encourage kids to have sex. Planned Parenthood wants kids to sleep around so that they end up with STDs that Planned Parenthood can treat. Planned Parenthood wants kids to end up pregnant so that Planned Parenthood can perform abortions. Planned Parenthood wants kids to devalue their bodies so that they adopt a "hookup culture" attitude which will then lead to such confusion and lack of confidence that it will lead to those kids falling into whatever society tells them is "normal." Nowadays the left wants that "normal" to be something that's part of the LGBTQ mob which of course, Planned Parenthood benefits from in more than one way.

This isn’t about teaching kids about safe sex or about what sex means. This is about helping Planned Parenthood make money off your kids.