EXPOSED: Some ‘Christian’ Nonprofits Support Abortion

December 6th, 2023 10:38 AM

You cannot call yourself a Christian and support abortion. 

The American Life League has a Charity Watchlist that catalogs organizations who support the innocent murder of the unborn. Shockingly, that list presently has numerous “religious” related charities that admit to support abortion.

Among the organizations listed who support abortion are: Catholic Relief Services, Salvation Army which aims to “preach the gospel of Jesus Christ” and the YMCA and YMCA which work “to put Christian principles into practice.”

Though those organizations have missions that claim to aim to further the Gospel, other, non-religious organizations also support abortion. Here's a list of those organizations for your reference:

Alzheimer’s Association, Alliance for Aging Research, Alliance for Girls, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, ALS Ride for Life, American Cancer Society, American Council on Science & health, American Lung Association, American Parkinson’s Disease Association, American Red Cross, Big Brothers and Sisters of America, Boy Scouts of America, Boys and Girls Club of America, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, ChildFund International, Children’s Defense Fund, Children’s Leukemia Research Association, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Direct Relief, Girl Scouts of the USA, Girls INC, March of Dimes, Mary Kay Ash Foundation, My Friend's Place, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Save the Children, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, UNICEF, United Way, World WIldlife Foundation.

This is important to know this holiday season. God forbid we endorse these places who blatantly defend the innocent murder of the unborn. This is a season celebrating how the unplanned pregnancy of Jesus’ saved the world and in the spirit of giving, we should know with confidence which organizations actually honor that story and defend life.

The Daily Signal reported that Judie Brown, American Life League President, set up the watchlist “to hold nonprofit organizations to account for the positions they take, especially when it comes to their positions on respect for life, fertility, the nuclear family and the aging.”

The watchlist is split into three colors. Green represents “an organization to be pro-life if it is opposed to abortion, human embryonic stem cell and/or aborted fetal body parts research, all forms of cloning, and other attacks against the human person at any stage of development, as well as Planned Parenthood Federation and other pro-abortion organizations.” The American Heart Association and are categorized in the green section.

A red rating indicates that the organization should not receive donations as it supports “offenses to life” and Yellow represents organizations who were previously red or green but changed positions, some of which appear more pro-abort.

The Christian organizations listed above are rated in the red as they clearly support abortion.

As Brown indicated to The Daily Signal, “Some of these organizations support things that oftentimes the public is unaware of. These organizations don’t want these things exposed for what they really are, because the ugly truth is that these programs fund death and people don’t want to place their money behind that.”

You can use this watchlist as a check to make sure the organizations you donate to are ones that align with your values this holiday season.