UN Honors Trans Lesbian Day As Hundreds of Israeli Women Are Killed

October 9th, 2023 1:24 PM

The United Nations Women Twitter account posted about International Lesbian Day on the very day Israeli. women in the UN were kidnapped, raped, and slaughtered by Hamas. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh bashed the mixed morals. 

On Oct 8, UN Women posted the following:

The post received close to 20,000 likes and counting after just 24 hours of being published. At around the same time the post had more than 17,000 comments but a large majority of them were in opposition of the celebration of “human rights” on the same day where hundreds of women were mercilessly attacked. 

Most prominently, Walsh rebuked the sentiment. 

“Women were just kidnapped, raped, murdered and paraded around on camera as trophies. UN Women has said nothing at all about it. Instead they’re tweeting their support for pervert men with autogynephilic fetishes,” he wrote on Twitter.

He’s not wrong. A member of the UN, Israel, just had a bloody massacre and some people are more worried that transgender women, aka men,  get to be in relationships with other fake women.  

Who gives an ever loving f**k!?

One user wrote, “Priorities matter,” which summed up the blatant disregard for the situation in Israel very well. One commented on the UN Women account and wrote, “tell that to Hamas.”

Another added, “Says everything you need to know about the United Nothing” and a bunch more suggested the UN should be defunded. 

Ultimately, posts that shove propaganda down your throats are annoying as hell but the timing of this one from the UN was ridiculously insensitive.