NYC Becomes First to Deliver Abortion Kits Available Via Telehealth

October 3rd, 2023 3:48 PM

Ring ring ring …'Hello, I’d like some abortion pills” … 'Sure, they’re on their way!'

New York City just became the first in the country to offer virtual appointments and mail order abortion kits through its public health system. On Monday, NYC Health + Hospitals launched what they called “Virtual ExpressCare” that will connect New Yorkers to abortion providers and distributors. 

The program will be accessible to women who are up to ten weeks gestation. All they have to do is schedule an appointment and hop on a video call with a healthcare professional. After that, the woman will provide a New York City address and then abortion pills will be mailed. 

The woman does have to be in NYC when she video chats in, as well as when she takes the medicine. But, no reports seem to indicate that she has to be an NYC resident. Therefore, this service could potentially be accessible to anybody from anywhere. 

The service is said to be paid for with insurance and, according to NBC New York, those without health insurance will still be given the treatment and will later be connected with a financial counselor to figure out how to cover the cost.


Pro-abort Mayor Eric Adams (D) said that abortion bans are about “controlling women’s bodies, their choices and their freedoms" and insisted this new move would supposedly help mitigate that. Through a cheerful tone, Adams also said the following regarding the decision:

This is an important step forward in using technology to deal with a major demand on those who are looking for access. In New York City, we're never going to stop fighting for a woman's right to choose the care that she needs and the right for all families who are involved.

This is a way to make killing innocent babies easy and accessible. How twisted!

In response to this extremely pro-abortion news, pro-life groups and individuals online were in shock. 

Students for Life wrote on Twitter/X that getting a telemedicine abortion appointment “with no screenings for potentially deadly ectopic pregnancies and other risks, is dangerous for women & profitable for abortion businesses."

Author Shawn Carney wrote, “Abortion advocates never thought this was safe until Roe was overturned clarifying further that abortion is activism not healthcare,” while another Twitter user wrote, “Certainly nothing to SMILE about.”

Others replied directly to Adams’ post announcing the move.

“Anything to avoid addressing actual issues,” one said.

“With all the problems in the city this is what your concerned about,” wrote another.

And one more wrote, “Why do democrats love to abort babies? Pretty sick if you ask me.” 

This move by NYC is incredibly dangerous. Abortion pills are incredibly harmful and aren’t something to be taken as willy nilly as something like a vitamin C tablet. When successful, these pills kill at least one life every single time and put women’s lives and safety at risk 100 percent of the time. 

This isn't something to be celebrating, Mr. Adams.