Things Are Heating Up: CBS, OKCupid Agree ‘Climate Change’ Is Make or Break for Dating

September 20th, 2023 1:33 PM

CBS Mornings apparently had nothing important to talk about on Wednesday. What’s new?

During their “Talk of the Table” segment, hosts gathered to talk about how climate change affects your dating life. Supposedly results from an OKCupid dating app poll indicated that not believing in climate change is the biggest deal breaker for app users. 

Talk about a waste of airtime. 

OKCupid is an internet dating service. Think of Christian Mingle and think of the furthest thing from it. That’s what OKCupid is. The app regularly panders to leftist talking points. In 2022, the app released a slew of virtual Valentine's Day cards. The cards featured plants barely covering cartoon genitalia, nipple stickers, gay hugs and orgies. A few months prior, in September 2021, the dating service created a “Pro-Choice” badge for users to add to their profile to indicate that they support abortion. 

Talk about a prime example of a leftist business!



Given that this week is supposedly “Climate Week,” CBS Mornings had Stephanie Abrams from the The Weather Channel talk about OKCupids poll results regarding the intersection of climate change and dating. 

Before Abrams introduced a video clip where The Weather Channel employees visited NYC for a climate related speed-dating event, she explained OKCupid’s findings:

My "Talk of the table" is how climate can affect your dating life of all things. Have you ever thought about that? I never combined the two at all. Well, A popular dating service, OKCupid, released data last year that revealed the number-one, the number-one, guys, deal breaker is not believing climate change is important.   It topped the other deal breakers that were issues like gender equality and gun control. That's why yesterday the weather channel went to an in-person climate speed dating event. It was designed to help singles find eco-friendly partners. 

The speed-dating was cringe as hell. Essentially, the facilitator encouraged participants to talk about the importance of climate change to determine if they’d go on a second date or not. 

After the clip, Abrams asked CBS Mornings hosts if they had any red-flags when dating. 

Correspondent Adriana Diaz opened her pie hole and claimed, “I understand that climate is a big one. If you don't agree on, that then it's probably indicative that you're not going to agree on a lot of things.”

Confused, co-host Tony Dokoupil said, “Bigger than gender equality? Bigger than women’s rights?” Host Nate Burleson chimed in saying, “Bigger than religion?” 

Then Dokoupil asked, “Any of the things?”

“I think it’s a precursor, you know. People tend to align in two camps there,” added Diaz. 

Goodness gracious! I wonder what actual important stuff could have been covered instead of this smorgasbord of stupidity. If someone's "climate change" beliefs are the top thing you worry about on a first date, you need to check your priorities or stop dating.