Ohio Mayor Calls ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Catholic Teachings ‘Betrayal’ Of Church

September 15th, 2023 11:35 AM

Goodness gracious! Apparently Catholics can’t even be Catholic without the woke mob coming for them. 

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio announced new policies for its 84 private religious schools banning LGBTQ propaganda. These ideologies are blatantly against the teachings in the Catholic church, so it makes perfect sense. The Cleveland Mayor, however, disagreed and called the policies a “betrayal of the Church.”

The policies, called “God’s Intentional Design," were outlined by Bishop Edward C. Malesic in a letter on August 30, which explained that the intention of the policy is to encourage people to embrace the true design that God created and intended and not to follow along with anti-christ like ways of living. 

The policy itself outlined nine specific directives for schools to follow around the basis of sexuality and gender identity, and indicated that parents must be alerted if a child is experiencing gender dysphoria or confusion; pronouns must be consistent with a child’s biological, God-given sex; biological boys may only use the boys bathroom and girls may only use the girls bathroom; for gender-specific institutions, biology will be the basis of admission; students cannot attend school dances with a same-sex “date;” everyone needs to dress in clothes that are consistent with their actual sex; no “LGBTQ Pride” rainbows or flags can be on display anywhere or on anyone; transitioning to a new gender won’t exist; and all institutional records will list biological sexes, not delusions. 

It also said the following regarding the issue:

The Church recognizes that there are and will be persons who experience gender dysphoria and/or gender confusion. Such experiences can be complex and emotional to work through and, for some, incredibly burdensome and painful. Such persons can be led to believe that gender and biological sex are entirely separate. In this view, gender represents one's true, inner self, even if inconsistent with our physical sex. This understanding erases those intentional, embodied distinctions between men and women. As such, this view is contrary to the divinely revealed reality of our true, God-given human nature. Catholic Institutions must accompany people experiencing gender dysphoria and be committed both to providing a loving environment and to upholding the truth of God's created reality.

The policy insisted that if an individual is understanding of their sin and confusion and willing to seek assistance and the truth, they will not be barred from admission or excluded from institutions (offices, parishes, parish schools, and diocesan schools) in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. If however they chose to live and act contrary to Church teachings on these issues, they may be restricted from participating in the life of the institutions or even disciplined “for that person’s own good and/or the good of others,” the policy stated. 

Honesetly, this is good. LGBTQ propaganda is exactly that, propaganda, and its delusions are not at all consistent with Catholic principles. While this is a proclamation of the religious freedom to practice and affirm Biblical truth, the so-called “Christian” Cleveland Mayor denounced the policy. 

In a Twitter post, Mayor Justin Bibb (D) wrote that the policies were a “betrayal of the Church teachings.” Actually, they’re incredibly consistent with Church teachings. Calling out sin with grace and love? You can’t really get more Christian than that, Mr. Bibb. 

“For me, faith is about universal love and acceptance. Instead, the new policy forces LGBTQ+ kids to hide their authentic selves and attend school in fear of persecution for who they are,” he said. “I extend my heartfelt solidarity to our LGBTQ+ friends and students. Rest assured that this policy, along with any expressions of hatred, doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Your authentic self, sir, is the self you were born with. Anything different is part of the social contagion we like to call leftism. If you were an actual Christian, you’d know that this policy is perfectly in line with biblical teachings. 

The thing is, nobody is forcing anyone to go to a Catholic school or institution. If people disagree with the policies, simply don’t go! While everyone is welcome and invited to hear God’s truth, the policy is for those who claim they affirm the Church’s teachings. If that’s the case, they’re to be held to the Churches tennants. End of story.