CNN Is Disappointed That 10,000 Babies DIDN’T Die From Abortions

July 9th, 2023 3:49 PM

It’s 2023 and people are upset that babies weren’t killed. WTF has our society turned into?

On Thursday July 6, CNN released a piece indicating that 10,000 children were born in Texas. Though all life should be celebrated, CNN was disappointed that these 10,000 children lived.  

The piece was titled, “Under strict abortion law, Texas had nearly 10,000 more births than expected in last nine months of 2022, research suggests.” Tell me you’re pro-death without telling me you're pro-death. 

In it, author Deidre McPhillips, wrote about how from 2021 to 2022, when Texas Senate Bill 8 took effect, nearly 10,000 births may have been the result. The texas bill banned abortions after six weeks. 

According to a study from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and with the utilization of data from other states and Texas in years prior to SB8, Texas would have likely experienced 287,000 births in the state from April to December 2022. However, according to the study, there were 297,000 total births, a 3% increase than what was expected. 

The study assumes that the law’s enactment is what facilitated the growth in birth rates and that’s apparently a bad thing. “There were still a lot of people who were going further afield for abortion care or who were self-managing their abortion,” said Suzanne Bell, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University and co-author of the research, “but our results suggest that not everyone was able to overcome those barriers, and many were forced an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy to term.” Geez louise! Life was spared and this chick is bummed about it, claiming women couldn’t “overcome those barriers.”

CNN appeared to be in full support of the assumptions of the “study” and seemed to be disappointed that 10,000 babies in Texas weren’t killed. 

Conservatives online noted CNN’s inverted morals and blasted the piece.

“10,000 babies born, zero women died, but pro-abortion CNN is disappointed. Yikes,” Students for Life America tweeted.

Babylon Bee owner Seth Dillon wrote, “CNN is mourning the birth of thousands of babies,” adding in a consecutive tweet, “‘Sadly, many children we hoped would die a gruesome death have been allowed to live because of this new law.’ May the thousands grow to millions, to the devastation of Democrats everywhere, and all the demons of hell.”

In response to Dillon's sentiment, one user wrote, “Imagine what it will be like for the children aware they are born because of Dobbs. They'll grow up on a world where a significant portion of the population campaigned extensively to prevent their births and mourned their lives as a social disaster. Horrifying.”

Others were in celebration mode that 10,000 lives were spared, “Amazing! Life Wins,” one stated. “Yeah, that was the goal. Great news,” said another while more reiterated that this news is a “good thing.”

Overall, it's disturbing that CNN thinks babies being saved is somehow a bad thing but then again, this is CNN we’re talking about. The expectation for a moral compass is low.