TikTok Users Whine After Auto-Filter 'Misgenders' Them

April 28th, 2023 11:23 AM

It’s no secret that TikTok is corrupting our nation’s young people. Aside from being tied to the Chinese Communist Party, it’s an addictive social media app that’s rife with dangerous "challenges" and people pushing harmful social agendas on kids.

But every so often, this otherwise evil platform does provide a wee bit of entertainment…at least for us. 

On TikTok, users have the ability to create filters. And one of the latest trending, user-created filters is one that guesses another user’s pronouns. As you can imagine, this caused many of the LGBTQLMNOP people to join in. While some were pleased with their results, others were not so thrilled. 

The creator who crafted the filter started the trend just a few weeks ago, and it’s already garnered almost 50,000 uses. Yes, 50,000 people are using a virtual generator to dictate how they feel about themselves. 

Hence why this whole thing is pretty funny. 

Some of the best reactions include one from a very obvious rainbow-haired man, who stated, “I have yet to see a trans person get gendered correctly with this filter so I’m gonna try. Literally all you had to do was not give me he/him and we’re fine.” As he finished his sentence, the filter presented its result: “he/him." Clearly, the tranny was not happy. 

The fact that people are getting mad about a freaking phone-generated filter is beyond me but, welcome to 2023 America. 

I mean if we’re to the point where we think that a TikTok filter has any credibility, then we may as well embrace it and applaud it for at least correctly gendering a very obvious man. 

Another peeved user was actually really funny, too. To the naked eye, this user looked like a woman who had transitioned (or tried to) into a man. When the filter generated the pronouns of the user to be “she/her,” the person stated “No! Not anymore!”

Luckily for others, the filter generated their desired results. A Dylan Mulvaney lookalike expressed that he’d had a “history of getting misgendered” and was very hopeful to get “she/they” pronouns. Well, he was in a bra and had long hair so that makes a woman these days…right? 

He received a “she/her” result and said “Oh! Ooo! Tiktok, you shouldn’t have! So kind.” 

Watch the video below to see some of the funniest replies to the filter.

All in all, these people are nuts. But, we knew that.

It’s okay to laugh at all this. For starters, it's funny that people think there are more than two genders. It's funny that someone thought to make a filter on TikTok that could guess someone’s pronouns. It’s funny that people actually used it, and it’s funny that it was often scientifically correct. 

Now, it's likely that the filter is randomized. But these people buying into it is just the comedic relief we needed.