NYTimes Admits Gender-Neutral Awards Categories Isn't A Fool-Proof Plan

February 13th, 2023 12:43 PM

Well, well, well … we knew that was gonna happen.

The New York Times released a piece on Feb, 11 indicating that establishing gender-neutral categories for the Brit Awards maybe wasn’t the best choice after all. 

Last year the Brit Awards group, which is Britain's equivalent of the Grammys, decided to take a more inclusive approach to its awards categories. Instead of having the awards separated into categories of male or female, awards would simply shift to be considered “gender-neutral” meaning that men, women, non-binaries and anything and everything in between could still be considered for nomination. 

Well, while that was the intention, as The Times pointed out, that’s not at all what happened. 

Harry Styles won the highest honor, artist of the year, and as The Times author, Alex Marshall, stated, “Styles triumphed in a category that did not have a single female nominee — an unintended consequence of the decision a little more than a year earlier by the Brit Awards to merge its categories for best male and best female artist of the year into one gender-neutral top prize.”

When Styles received the award, he mentioned five female artists who he thought deserved it as well but weren’t even nominated due to the fact that there were no more male or female specific categories. 

Supposedly the shift for the Brit Awards came a few years ago when pop singer and latest satanic worshiper, Sam Smith, announced his queerness to the world making him ineligible for the show’s Artist of the Year since he was apparently neither male or female. 

But, with the gender-neutral categories, Smith was eligible. Earlier this month, non-binary Broadway star claimed he declined his Tony Award eligibility because he didn’t feel like he was a male or female and didn’t want to have to pick pick in order to secure his possible nomination for a male or female award. 

Man, lefties can find victimhood in any circumstance. 

The Times pointed out the words of Francine Gorman of a group called Keychange, which aims to “increase female and nonbinary involvement in Europe’s music industry.” Gorman called the all-male list for the artist of the year, “a real step backward.” She added, “We’re faced with five men, and they’re supposed to be representative of every British artist making music today,” which obviously, they aren’t.

Hey now, we told you that this whole gender confusion thing was gonna cause problems so don't come looking for sympathy. 

Perhaps if we stuck to tradition, that goes for not making awards ceremonies more focused on wokeness than fairness, and for the people who think there are 97 genders, we wouldn’t be running into problems like these.