Moms Read Explicit Library Books To School Board

November 3rd, 2022 1:35 PM

Warning: This blog contains rated R, sexually explicit content.

Earlier this week, a group of brave mothers stood in front of their school board to publicly condemn the books that the board allows in its school system. The books contained extreme, graphic, and explicit sexual content that has no place in a school library. 

Lisa Logan is a mother who uses her social media to expose progressive and threatening corruption in the school systems of today. She shared a thread to Twitter of five mothers from Canyons School District in Utah. Each opposed the content in the schools and even gave examples of the graphic content that students have easy access to.



The first clip was of a mother who’s husband wouldn’t attend the meeting due to the fact that he didn’t like hearing her say such explicit words. Her own husband didn’t want to hear the graphic content, yet it’s accessible to children. 

Here’s the disturbing excerpt she read: 

She pulled up her top and her breasts plopped out and I heard them more than felt them. And she reached her head back and grabbed my d**k. It wasn’t hard and soon I really couldn’t think about anything else. I heard her open a crinkly little package and felt her put the cool plasticy middle of the condom snugly on the front of my d**k like she was shrink wrapping it and felt her fingernails through the plastic like legs of a crab finger nailing their way down my d**k. And she froze up a little and adjusted her panties and breathed harder and she opened her mouth and breathed again.

She also said “this is where my kids are supposed to be safe.” Obviously, with content like she just read, they unfortunately, are not. 

The second mother read excerpts from three different books. One entitled “Living Dead Girl” included the words “he pushes faster then harder,” to which the mother said “we know what they’re talking about there.”

Another book included the following lines “I pull him out of his underwear and he's soft in my hand. I don’t look up at  his face before I open my mouth and pull him into it. and I pull and I suck until he grows hard. The jet of him is warm and salty and tastes like thickened sweat.”

The same mother also mentioned that a book where an 8-year-old boy mourned the loss of a girl he’d met on a “kitty porno website” is available for kids to read in the district.

The third of five women who Logan tweeted about read from a book called “Burned” which said, “Then he slid his hands around the front of me, lifting my breasts and touching my nipples.” That book is available for kids as young as 11-years old.

Mom #4 said she “hated every minute of it” and called the books and the experience “awful.” 

One book she read from explained an oral sex scene.

When my entire top half was exposed, his  tongue explored it, inch by goosebump covered inch and by the time he unzipped my jeans, slid them off my quaking legs, my panties had soaked through.

And later “I opened my legs wide, pushed his face in between, urged his tongue deep inside me, asked his fingers to follow. I let him bring me right to the edge.”

The fifth lady named a few titles of books that are included in the Canyons School District but mainly called on the school board to do something about it. Here's what she said.

Any book that is available in our schools that is sexually explicit, whether in words, pictures, or any other means is absolutely unacceptable. It is a violation of HB-374 and if you wouldn’t read it to your children, grandchildren or you have problems with us reading it here in the board meeting, then it should not be available at our children's school.

She’s right, the excerpts from these books were traumatizing to hear as a grown adult. I can’t imagine, or rather, don’t want to imagine what trauma kids who read stuff like this would and do go through.

Public schools are currently a s**t show and this is just another reminder of it. 

I'll end with the plea from the first mother’s presentation to the school board: “We will always be the land of the free as long as we are the home of the brave. Please be brave.”