TikTok Helps Spread Tips On Illegal Border Crossing

September 13th, 2022 3:33 PM

There’s a crisis at the border, and TikTok is making it worse. 

TikTok users have been encouraging illegal immigrants to cross into the United States by painting not only the idea that migrants can do so illegally, but do so easily as well, creating even more chaos at the border. 

“One in particular shows a user telling Venezuelans they can migrate to the U.S. without getting a visa,”  Kxan reported. 

Florida Immigrant Coalition's Adriana Rivera commented on misleading videos like these, saying, "Think about it: if you are trying to leave Venezuela in the state that this country is in and you see a video telling you visas are going to be given out … if you’re desperate, and these people are desperate, what are you going to do what are you going to think? It’s just bad all around. "

TikTok loves spreading lies as long as they fit with its side of the narrative. 

Many other videos offer ideas to undocumented migrants who want to cross the border, including cheating the system or harming Border Patrol agents. 

One TikTok user posted a video of immigrants standing on one another's shoulders to create a ladder over the border wall. Another video, which has already gotten 1.8 million views and counting, shows a broken gate in one segment of the wall where migrants can simply open the door. 

Another video showed illegal aliens beating up U.S. border agents after illegally swimming across the river.

These videos garnered millions of views and thousands likes as TikTok pushed the content across the pages of millions of users.

There’s no denying that there’s a crisis at the border, and TikTok is not helping it. But it's not surprising. TikTok is consistent with the Leftist agenda and woke Big Tech. The platforms tend to cater directly to the leftist narrative and push the propaganda of the Biden administration. 

Until the Biden administration steps up and closes the border, videos like these are going contribute more and more to the ongoing crisis at our U.S. Mexico border.