Easter Sunday Surprise: Bieber Spreads Gospel Once Again!

April 5th, 2021 6:00 PM

HE IS RISEN! On the holiday to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, singer/songwriter/child of God Justin Bieber shared the word of Jesus!

Just two weeks after his top-chart album Justice, Bieber surprised fans on Easter Sunday with his newest EP Freedom. This mini album features six new and original pop-gospel songs. While it is rare for celebrities to be so outward about their faith, lately Bieber has been confident and unapologetic about sharing the love of Jesus. 

On Sunday afternoon, Bieber tweeted out a link to Freedom. There was no major marketing conducted for the release which is why the album was such a shocker. Not only that, even with the announcement, Bieber went with a simple screenshot of his iPhone notes as the album cover art.

Artists joining Bieber for the gospel album included BEAM, Brandon Love, Chandler Moore, Pink Sweats, Judah Smith, Tori Kelly, and Lauren Walters. Bieber received ample support on the finished product from the featured artists and fans alike. 



It’s nice to see such an appreciation for Freedom and the message it shares since music is continuously infiltrated with hate, vulgarity, and literally lap dancing for the devil.

In Bieber’s last album, Justice, fans were split on whether they liked the album as a whole or whether Bieber was “tone-deaf” for featuring audio from Martin Luther King Jr. speeches. Luckily, the positive reviews, and the encouraging message of the gospel is being spread with Freedom, which is definitely something the media lacks. 

Some of the most notable lines from the EP include:

  • Freedom: “Sweat, blood, tears 'pon the cross / Did you know He paid the cost for you?"
  • Where You Go I Follow: “On the third day, yeah, You rose up / And You beat death once and for all … But, Lord, You always come and save me / God Almighty, my safety / You're my end, You're my new beginning"
  • Afraid To Say ended with a very pro-life scripture verse: “You saw the essence of me, before I was formed / Before I existed, all of my days were written in your book / Psalms 139:13-16"

Bold lyrics to say the least but in today’s secular world, bold is the only way to get people’s attention. 

Bieber has such a great platform to influence and encourage "Beliebers" to lead Jesus-filled lives. His transformational shift from a “bad boy” and an addict to a Christian is inspirational. Now he’s even visiting prisons to share the gospel and support faith-based programs!

As far as views and streams, the lack of pre-release marketing hints at the fact that all that doesn’t matter to Bieber as much as sharing the gospel does. Now THAT is something to note for an international pop star like himself.