ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' Performs Step-by-Step Abortion, Depicts Pro-Lifers as Violent, Bloodthirsty Maniacs

April 3rd, 2023 10:42 AM

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, season 19 is back on the air following a mid-season break with their favorite, same old pro-abortion themes. 

You would think they would have some fresh content, but it appears the writers are still hung up on lecturing the viewers about how 'bad' the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was by using the left's favorite go-to talking points on the matter.

The season kicked off its return with a rather shocking step-by-step abortion scene, essentially describing it as a quick and easy procedure. 

In episode 8 titled, 'All Stars,' a character named Sierra, a mother of two, arrived at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital seeking help for what she thought was a miscarriage. 

After the medical evaluation, doctors told her the baby was healthy. One would think the pregnant woman would be elated by the news, but no, she wasn't. Apparently, she was hoping for a miscarriage because this was an unplanned pregnancy, and she was concerned about suffering from post-partum depression again.

Sierra detailed her past experience with depression, which she says left her in a 'dark place' during her last pregnancies. She didn't want to go through that again. 

So instead of offering her sincere, professional mental health help, the Grey's doctors were quick to suggest an abortion. The doctors explained how 'easy' the procedure is and that she would be able to continue on with her busy day -- right after they were done scrapping all the baby body parts out of her womb. 

The pregnant woman keeps her husband on the phone during the procedure, as the doctors describe to her in detail what they are doing (click "expand"):



Jo Wilson: Okay, are you ready?

Sierra: Okay.

Jo Wilson: I'm going to use my hands to do a bimanual exam to determine the shape and location of your cervix.

Sierra: Okay. I wish you were here, too.

Jo Wilson: Now we're going to insert the speculum, just like a routine pap smear. Okay. And we will hold it still with this instrument. Okay.

Jo Wilson: Alright. Now, Sierra, you may feel some discomfort as we administer two shots to numb the area. Okay, ready?

Jo Wilson: You're doing great.

 Sierra: [ Groans softly ] Okay.

Jo Wilson: Millin, we'll wait a few minutes for the paracervical block to take effect before we dilate the cervix. How are you doing, Sierra?

Sierra: I'm okay. Okay. Yes, I'm still here. No, no, no. I'm fine.

 Jo Wilson: Okay, let's follow along via ultrasound.

Sierra: It's just an ultrasound. It doesn't hurt. Gel's just cold.

Jo Wilson: We'll measure the length of her uterus before we dilate the cervix. Okay, Sierra, you ready? Okay, Dr. Millin, what do you see?

Dr. Jules Millin: The uterus is 10 centimeters.

Jo Wilson: Okay, great. We're going to dilate the cervix. Here we go.

Jo Wilson: Doing great, Sierra. Okay, last one. Okay. Now, Sierra, I'm going to use this catheter along the walls of your uterus. Okay, are you ready? Yes. Okay, here we go. Doing great. And, okay, removing the catheter. 
Dr. Millin will use ultrasound to verify completion.

Dr. Jules Millin: Uterus is clear.

Jo Wilson: Okay. Removing the forceps. And removing the speculum.

Sierra: That's it? And that's it. [ Exhales deeply ] It's over. 
Yes, I'm okay. I'm okay.

But a full-blown abortion scene wasn't enough to satisfy the writers, who are clearly on a mission to shove their pro-abortion agenda down the throats of viewers.

In the latest two-part episodes 'Training Day' and 'Pick Yourself Up,' the writers depict pro-lifers as disruptive fanatics –– so much so, they have them protesting outside the hospital throughout most of the first episode, making it difficult for patients to access the hospital.

Not only do they portray them as out of control, but they also turn them into violent, blood-thirsty monsters. 

In one scene, a brick is thrown through a hospital window by a pro-life protester, striking surgical intern Benson Kwan (Harry Shum Jr.) in the head. 

The plot takes a darker turn when a car driven by a protester mows down Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) and Tia, a clinic resident outside of the hospital:



Dr. Bailey: Get out of the way!!

(Car hits doctors) 

Of course, no mention of the dozens of domestic terrorist attacks against pro-life centers over the past year or so. I have a feeling the writers won't be including that in season 19 anytime soon. 

In another scene, Dr. Montgomery fear-mongers about red states with strict abortion laws, implying that women are 'dying' because of the laws. This is a narrative that's being used by abortion advocates to scare women and gin up outrage and support for more abortion on-demand despite it being completely false.

There are no laws on the books in any U.S. state that would prevent doctors from treating women in need of medical attention for life threatening situations:



Dr. Bailey:  Hi! Good morning, everyone! Ah. So, I'm Dr. Miranda Bailey. And I'm thrilled to welcome you to Grey-Sloan as our inaugural class of out-of-state ob/gyn reproductive healthcare and advocacy fellows. You have traveled from Idaho, Arkansas, Texas, even Tennessee to be with us. And I know you'd rather be getting this clinical experience in your own residency programs, but we are honored to offer this rotation in abortion care.

Dr. Montgomery: Because how else are you going to learn, right? You've all chosen OB-GYN as your specialty, and now your respective states are restricting how you practice that specialty. But we are here to make sure you get the education that you need. I'm sorry. I'm Dr. Addison Montgomery. And I've been to some of your states. I've seen the desperation. I've seen the pain, seen the heartbreak. I've seen lives lost. So, anyway, who's ready to get to work?

The show writers also included another abortion scene, where a women is casually given pills that will end her pregnancy.  The character wants to end the life of her baby in the womb because she's not 'mentally' ready to be a mom:



Dr. DeLuca: It's to determine how far along the pregnancy is.

Dr. Bailey: You are counseling the patient, not persuading, okay? Offer the facts, answer questions, give options, okay?

Mika: That's the mifepristone. It'll block your body's own progesterone to stop the pregnancy from growing. After you take that, we'll start you on the misoprostol.

If you're not sure, you can take some time and think about it.

Patient: I'm sure. I just don't like pills. Okay. I’m two years older than my mom was when she had me. She was married, they lived in a townhome, and when I look back at pictures, she seems like a grown-up. But I'm not there yet. I'm still working through the lasting damage she did to me.

So maybe one day I will be mentally ready to take that on. But right now, I can't. I can't be a mother. But I can be an aunt. I can and will be the most incredible aunt to your baby.

Patient Friend: Do you want me to play you some music? I made you a playlist.

Patient: For my abortion?

Patient Friend: You made me one for when I give birth. 

Patient: So different.

It's incredible how fast and casual the decision was to end the pregnancy of this woman in the scene. No real encouragement from the doctors for her to consider choosing life, with no mention of options and support available to moms. 

The pregnant friend doesn't even try to stop her, instead she offers to play her music from the 'abortion playlist' she created. An 'abortion playlist,' really? How grotesque! 

Also, there was no mention of the potential long-term physical and mental health consequences of abortion. 

In part two of the episodes, doctors work furiously to save the life of Tia, the clinical resident who was plowed down by a pro-life protester in the previous episode.

What's rather shocking is to see that the writers admit that the 28-week-old baby she's carrying is a life worth saving. 

Doctors perform an emergency C-section on Tia to save the baby, who will later be transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit:



So the question now is: how many more pro-abortion episodes will Grey's Anatomy shove down the throats of viewers in the coming weeks?