‘Backward Ideas’: NBC Reporter Doesn’t Trust Parents to Teach Kids About Sex

February 6th, 2023 2:47 PM

You got kids? Yeah, so you’re a parent. By definition, you’ve got a handle on that whole sex thing. When the time comes, you can handle The Talk with Lil’ Billy and Lil’ Janie without mobilizing half a dozen federal agencies.

Kat Tenbarge is not impressed. And she’s a tech and culture reporter for NBC News, so you better listen up. You’ve got no business teaching your progeny about sex. You’re not qualified. 

Who is qualified? A government employee. Tenbarge took to Twitter to put you hayseeds in your place. (Twitchy documented the reaction. It’s pretty entertaining.)

That’s right. If telling kids about VD were a competition, any schmo with an education degree would wipe the pelvic floor with you, Mom and Dad.

And, your lack of government-sanctioned expertise aside, you might have your own ideas about sex, the icky kind people get from churches. Or you might not want to talk about it to your kids:

You know who doesn’t have “backward ideas about sex?” Kat Tenbarge. And those teachers that keep showing up on @libsoftiktok. You know, the ones with the neon hair and the piercings, who are so proud of their classroom dirty book library and outraged at being "misgendered."

You know who really wants to talk to your kids about sex? Those teachers that keep showing up on @libsoftiktok. 

So send your kids to public school and demand some highly qualified professional talk sex with them so they’re not infected by your retrograde views about sex. That’s good parenting.