Science! Study of Monkeypox in Women Used 47% Biological Dudes

January 11th, 2023 2:27 PM

Progressives “f**king love science.” Just ask them. But it’s an abusive relationship, given that they habitually undermine, harm and degrade the credibility of that which they claim to love. In fact, after climate change, Covid-19 and the ongoing “biology just isn’t good enough for me” drama, science may want to flee to a shelter for battered disciplines. 

Take this new study published in the once-prestigious British medical journal The Lancet. Its ostensible purpose was to study how women contracted Monkeypox and the symptoms they displayed. One would imagine it’s an understudied phenomenon, since the virus almost exclusively is contracted by men who engage in gay sex.

In fact, monkeypox in women seems to be so rare that nearly half the study’s subjects were … dudes. According to the Post Millennial

researchers analyzed data for a total of 136 individuals with the monkeypox virus infection across 15 countries. There were 62 “trans women,” 69 “cis” women, and 5 non-binary individuals who were grouped with the “cis” women to form a category of “people assigned female at birth.” 

Somewhere north of 47% (if you assume some of the 5 “non-binaries” were born with dangly bits) of the women studied aren’t strictly speaking, ya know, women? 

Okay, they must know what they’re doing, and maybe they got some really interesting results …

Er, wait. The study found:

“clinical features of monkeypox in women and non-binary individuals were similar to those described in men,” and that anatomically, “anogenital lesions were reflective of sexual practices: vulvovaginal lesions predominated in cis women and non-binary individuals and anorectal features predominated in trans women.” 

So women who had sex like normal women got the virus and showed the symptoms in exactly the way you’d expect, and fake women who had sex like gay men got the virus and showed the symptoms in exactly the way you’d expect.

The Lancet, as you might surmise, is trying its best to burn through whatever credibility it’s retained since it published and then retracted a bogus Covid-19 study in 2020.

Science, we need to have a talk about progressives. I know, I know: they say they love you and that they’ll do better. But honey, they’re never going to change …