Everyone Has Daddy Issues On 'Once Upon A Time'

November 18th, 2013 10:19 AM

Media Research Center

I have to give props to the writers of Once Upon A Time. Just when we thought Once couldn’t get more convoluted we find out that Peter Pan is none other than Rumplestiltskin’s father!

The theme of family and abandonment is a vein Once Upon a Time taps in almost every episode, but “Think Lovely Thoughts” was brimming with drama, and everyone is having issues.

Poor Henry’s genealogy has to be the most complicated plotline on this show. Baelfire is his father. Rumplestiltskin is his grandfather. Worst of all, his great grandfather, Peter Pan, wants to consume his heart which will effectively kill Henry. Talk about familial drama.

At least now we can understand why Rumple struggles between his dark side and his good side on a daily basis. If my father traded me to a sinister shadow creature in exchange for eternal youth I would have some mental instability, too.

Children always claim they will never make the same decisions as their parents, but history repeats itself in Rumple’s case. He did selfishly abandon Baelfire because he was afraid to lose his dark power, thus becoming exacatly like his sad excuse for a father.

Meanwhile, Baelfire refuses to trust Rumple and Emma is dealing with the fact that her father (Charming) may never be able to leave Neverland. Let's not forget how Charming's father tried to murder him and that Regina (The Evil Queen) ripped her own father's heart out. Did I mention Regina also killed Snow White's father? Each character in this series has suffered some sort of horrible fate concerning their fathers.

Since its first season Once has hammered home how badly Henry wants his family to be together and live happily ever after. But what does he do when his family is finally together and confessing their unconditional love for him? Gullible 'ole Henry still gives Peter Pan his heart so he can “save magic.” Peter Pan is now immortal and Henry might be dead. What is it with this kid?

Looks like marketing at ABC will have to abandon their #saveHenry hashtag campaign. Is Henry really dead? Or is he smarter than he looks? Guess we'll find out in two weeks!