Buzzfeed Slams Police Officers in Awkward Video

September 9th, 2015 1:56 PM

There’s nothing worse than when a fun site takes itself too seriously.

That’s what happens when Buzzfeed, the site aimed at millennials for it’s nostalgia-inducing gifs and listicles, ‘weighs in’ on divisive social issues.The results are as groan-worthy as you’d expect by a site ran by 20-something hipsters. 

Just look at Buzzfeed’s more recent videos like the conservative Christian-bashing, “I’m a Christian, But I’m Not” (“homophobic,” “close minded,” “conservative”) to get an idea of how Buzzfeed presents one end of the spectrum and passes it off as representative of the group as a whole.

Another video released three days ago called, “Men Try On a Police Uniform” is receiving similar backlash on social media for it’s one-note tune. The video is as simple as it sounds: a handful of young guys put on a full police officer uniform and comment on what they see, looking at their reflection. Out of that experience comes out a pretty negative view of law enforcement.

“Honestly I see jerk before I see hero,” one man lamented. “And that sucks,” he added.

Others admitted they felt fear or disdain when they saw the uniform.

“If this cop came up to me, a civilian, I wouldn’t take him seriously,” one man stated while looking at himself in the uniform.

Another man said, “Seeing this reflection of myself, I want to turn away from myself.”

One guy was clearly upset about the idea of law enforcement carrying weapons. “Can we resolve our problems without resorting to this?” he asked, holding up a baton.

Another suggested he felt aggression by arming himself. “Putting on this belt, I feel a sense of urgency – like you want to use these tools,” he stated. 

“Why are we afraid of the people that are supposed to be there to protect us?” a man questioned, towards the end.

Maybe he’s afraid because the media has been pushing an anti-police agenda for over a year, beginning with the death of Michael Brown in August of 2014. Maybe because hard-core liberals like Marc Lamont Hill from The Huffington Post regularly appear on CNN to bash the police as “an occupying force.” Maybe because the networks didn’t bother to correct a blatant falsehood about the Brown case during the 156 times they aired, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” in their news broadcasts.

The tide does seem to be turning, at least from the networks. The major networks heavily reported on the murder of Houston police officer a few weeks ago and recently CNN even warned of the “troubling wave of police deaths.”