Singer Ciara Talks to CBS on Faith, Celibacy with Seahawks’ Russell Wilson

August 19th, 2015 11:29 AM

The media doesn’t take kindly to conservatives or Christians in Hollywood. At the best, they’re treated like simpletons or weirdos; at worst, they’re called names or rumors fly about their sexuality.

Pop singer Ciara and her openly Christian boyfriend Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson have been treated to both ends of the media’s gossip about their decision to practice celibacy.

When news broke, the media attacked the famous pair for sticking to their values, spreading rumors that Wilson “might be gay.”

On today’s CBS This Morning, Ciara came on to discuss her new album. But then the conversation shifted to her relationship with Wilson.

“And you decided to be celibate,” correspondent Clarissa Ward prodded. “Which is such a brave, and -- and bold step to take,” she gushed.

Anchor Gayle King stepped in to ask for more details.

“When he said that we’re going to be celibate -- A. I’m surprised that you all  told us that, because it really is nobody’s business -- were you surprised that he told people that?” King asked.

Ciara responded, “Um, you know, it was one of those things where it was an organic conversation he was having-- I don’t even think he expected to talk about it either-- but um, I guess he just was speaking the reality of what is really going on."

She explained that she wanted to inspire other Christians, saying,"You know, I was at church and I think the cool thing is just that being able to share our journey with other people like us.”

“It’s a great challenge, I can definitely say that,” she said, smiling.

“But it’s awesome [be]cause we get to learn --we get to really challenge ourselves, we’re getting to know each other and really build a foundation--”

“And it’s religion based?” anchor Charlie Rose interrupted.

“We are Christians, and we love God and believe in God,” Ciara answered.

“Christians have sex,” King stated, quizzically.

“Yes,” Ciara responded, as she tried to explain their reasons in non-religious terms.

“But I-- was just going to say-- just more so based off of, you know, the love, wanting to love each other, really wanting to know each other, really wanting to build a solid foundation.

She continued, “[be]cause that part [sex] is the cherry on top. Sometimes that can also cloud your emotions, and you can kind of like, not really get to see a person for who they are. So, we’re challenging ourselves.”

King ended the segment, joking,“Well, let me end with this. Charlie would like to know when the celibacy’s going to end.”

Ciara and Wilson’s Christian lifestyles may be alien to the media but it doesn’t distract from their popularity. The NFL star and his popstar girlfriend have nearly 8 million fans on Twitter and 9 million followers on Instagram, between the two of them.

Wilson’s openness about his faith has left him open to criticism, like Tim Tebow faced, but that hasn’t stopped him from thanking God on camera and posting Biblical verses to his social media accounts.