Donald Trump Ruins the Party on ‘Last Man Standing’

October 23rd, 2016 10:47 PM

ABC’s Last Man Standing aired its Halloween special “Trick or Treat,” featuring Donald Trump as the most popular costume, but with a portrayal that was milder than what we’ve been seeing lately from liberal Hollywood.

Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) doesn’t like Halloween parties, so he gets his family to agree to dressing up as one another in the hopes they’ll annoy each other so much it ruins the party and prevents any future ones.

As the episode pans out, they all have their counterparts, except Mike. He walks out in a Donald Trump costume, much to everyone’s surprise. Mike loves their reactions and especially wants to get Ryan’s goat, as he is a major liberal.

Kristin: Uh, I don't get it, Dad. We're all dressed like family, and you're dressed like Trump?

Mike: Trump is like family to me, believe me. He's got my aunt's hair and my grandmother's hatred of foreigners. 

Vanessa: I love whatever you say and agree with it, Mr. B. 

Mike: Thank you, Kyle. You must hate this costume, huh? 

Ryan: Uh, are you kidding me? I love that costume. The guy single-handedly destroyed his own party. 

Mike: Why would anyone destroy their own party? 

Kristin: You know, I am so glad we did this. This is already so much fun.

Mike: We're just getting started. Look at that -- Mandy Baxter, Mandy Baxter. How beautiful you are. You know, beauty is the only thing that counts.

Eve: Thank you, Mr. Trump. I was in a bit of a hurry, so it only took me eight hours to get ready. 

Mandy: Well, I'm always ready. I put on this outfit in the seventh grade, and I've never changed out of it. 

Mike: That's funny and mean -- my favorite kind of funny. 

Later, Mike takes great pride in giving candy to some kids and making them chant, “Lock her up” over and over.

As the episode continues, Mike’s liberal friend Chuck (Jonathan Adams) comes by also dressed as Trump, but as he points out about the costumes, “Mine is ironic. Yours is a tribute.”

Chuck shares some bad news that Mike’s wife is being fired from her teaching position. Mike complains that he doesn’t want to share this news and ruin the party, to which Chuck states wrecking the party and claiming to be a victim makes Mike a better Trump than him. As Chuck turns to leave, he is shown to have a devil’s tail as a part of his costume. I’ll leave you to decide if that makes him the better Trump.

In the end, Mike doesn’t succeed in ruining the party, only time will tell if Trump does.