TX, CT Are Battlegrounds In Fight Against Transgenders In Women's Sports

February 15th, 2023 2:45 PM

Texas and Connecticut have been the setting for two stories that could have major implications for the future of women’s sports.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said at a meeting of the Young Americans Foundation (YAF) that. “This next session, we will pass a law prohibiting biological men from competing against women in college sports.”  

Abbott said that the results of letting Lia Thomas swim with women in NCAA-level swimming prompted him to make sure nothing like that happens in his state.

“We’ve fought for the rights of women to be able to succeed in this world only to have that now superseded by this ideology that men are going to be empowered to compete against women,” Abbott said.

Should Abbot deliver on his promise, Texas would join Florida as the only states in which transgendered females would be banned from women’s sports from the kindergarten level all the way through college.

Naturally, Abbot’s proclamation was met with whining and crying from the LGBT peanut gallery who think this will prevent trans kids from being able to “express themselves in sports.”

I'll let you do the not-so-hard work of finding the stupidity in that statement.

In Connecticut, a group of four biologically female high school track athletes who filed a lawsuit against their home state in 2020 for allowing transgendered females to compete against them were given a second chance in their court case.

Originally, a three-judge panel of 2nd U.S. circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the case of these athletes had no standing and ruled against them back in December. However, the court said its full team of judges will hear the appeal of the athletes, giving them a lifeline in their pursuit of justice.

Currently, the panel of judges has a strong conservative presence -- five of the 13 judges were appointed by Trump -- which could bode well for the young women suing the state.

Regardless of how these two stories shake out, it appears that America is slowly waking up to the negative impact the transgender movement has on women. And that is an encouraging thing to see.