Super Bowl Pregame Offers Woke 'Black National Anthem'

February 13th, 2023 3:22 PM

Kickoff hadn’t even happened in Super Bowl LVII before we got a heavy dose of progressive agendas being shoved down our throats - along with nachos and wings.

There were two major elements of the pregame ceremony that has something to do with wokeness:

1) Singing Of The Black National Anthem: Singer Sheryl Lee Ralph performed her rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” marking the first time that the song - also widely referred to as the unofficial “Black National Anthem” - was sung before the Super Bowl.

Of all the backwards ways in which progressives try to elevate black voices so that they are viewed as “equal,” this might be the most counterproductive method they choose.

If one ethnic group sings an anthem that only represents themselves and not the rest of the country, doesn’t that mean they are choosing to further the divide they claim is a problem that needs to be addressed? Author Darrell B. Harrison perfectly summed up why this whole gesture was bogus.

Our national anthem is one of the few elements of culture where Americans recognize that no matter how we disagree, we are all citizens of the same country. If we are going to start having every ethnic group have its own national song, we’re not going to be a united country for very long.

2) All-Female Crew Does Air Force Flyover: As Stapleton finished his performance, fans looked skyward to witness the traditional U.S. Navy fighter jets flyover. But even that element of the festivities wasn’t immune from a touch of progressivism.

The four pilots flying the jets became the first all-female crew to do the flyover during the Super Bowl, which the media obviously gushed about.

"It was surreal," one of the four pilots, Navy Lt. Catie Perkowski said when she was selected.

"I didn't believe it," Navy Lt. Suzelle Thomas added.

To be fair, it was an all-women crew chosen to celebrate 50 years of women serving in the Navy. While that does redeem it a little bit, there’s still a lot of wokeness mixed into it. After all, a progressive organization like the NFL will do anything to magnify the voices and accomplishments of oppressed groups like women.

Thankfully, the Super Bowl itself was a thriller, with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-35, in an all-time classic. This certainly helped most of us flush the memory of the pregame wokeness out of our minds.