GOTCHA! Twitter User Sends Fake Tweet Of LeBron James Requesting A Trade

November 10th, 2022 10:33 AM

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has proposed a new feature on Twitter that allows users to have their accounts verified for $8 per month. While this plan has good intentions behind it, there are some who are taking advantage of it for mischievous purposes.

On Wednesday, one user created an account on Twitter that, by all appearances, looked like the one belonging to Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (it even had the blue checkmark). The unidentified user created a tweet -- that made it seem that James was requesting a trade from the Lakers back to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. 

The tweet was quickly snuffed out by Twitter and banned almost immediately. 

While it is humorous that someone created this headline to cause a stir, it isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility that this could happen. LeBron can basically do whatever he wants in the NBA, and given that the Lakers are off to a 2-9 start and are last in the Pacific Division, he could decide to leave the dumpster fire that is the Lakers and go somewhere else.