Tucker Guest: Lia Thomas Deemed More Important Than Actual Female Swimmers

April 7th, 2022 1:38 PM

The NCAA is not even pretending to care about women in sports anymore.

Rachel Gaines, a senior at the University of Kentucky, tied with Lia Thomas for fifth in the 200-meter women's championships last month, but even though she tied with the biological male, she was forced to pose for photos with the sixth place trophy while Thomas was awarded the fifth.

While that might seem insignificant, Gaines shed some light on a conversation she had with an NCAA official on the decision, and that is where the truly disgusting elements of the situation came out.



"We tied. What are we being chronological about?" she asked the official. "And he kind of blatantly said, 'we're just going to give the trophy to Lia: We respect and admire your swim, but Lia needs to hold the trophy.'"

Excuse me, but Lia does not need anything but a one way ticket out of women's swimming.

Thomas has been a disgrace to the sport and one of the biggest proponents of an ideology that is bringing ruin upon our culture. Because the NCAA has indulged his fantasies and desires for what he wants reality to be, women like Gaines are being erased from today's culture.

To add insult to injury, Gaines hasn't even gotten her trophy for the event yet! On Rep. Sen. Marsha Blackburn's podcast Unmuted, Gaines said the NCAA has yet to send her the trophy that she earned.

"That's another crazy thing," Gaines said. Once I got out of the water, we kind of go behind the podium to the awards ceremony where they distribute the trophies. So, I walked back there and the NCAA official came up to me and said, 'Hey, we only have one fifth place trophy' which I understood.

"But he said, "We're gonna have to give that trophy to Lia. Yours will be coming in the mail. Great job.'"

What an absolute joke. Anyone who says that the NCAA cares about women need only to look at this situation to see where their true allegiance lies.