Frito-Lay Introduces 'Cracker Jill' Snack For Baseball Games

April 6th, 2022 10:18 AM

If you've ever gone to a professional baseball game, you'll likely end up buying a package of Cracker Jacks. But the next time you go, you might have to get the woke version of this iconic snack.

To celebrate "the women who break down barriers in sports," Frito-Lay announced they will be donating $200,000 to the Women's Sports Foundation and that the mascot for the caramel-coated popcorn will now be "Cracker Jill," with women cartoon characters from five different ethnicities replacing the big, bad white male on the snack's packaging.

That's strike one for stupidity.

To add insult to injury, Frito-Lay created an ad featuring pop singer Normani singing a more female-oriented version of the song.

One lyric reads:

"Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jills," Normani sings. "No one can stop you if you have the will. So let's root, root, root for a girl's team."

Please, spare us the female power messaging and leave the lyrics to this classic ballpark tune alone.

That's strike two.

Tina Mahal, vice president of marketing for Frito-Lay North America, said that her company is "constantly inspired by the many women who are making history by breaking the mold, and we want to celebrate their achievements while supporting the progress."

Okay, but can we really celebrate women's sports if we no longer keep strict boundaries between men and women in sports?

After all, Lia Thomas just decided he wanted to be a female and has thrown women's collegiate swimming into chaos. Every time a state passes a bill to keep men from being in women's sports, society erupts in disbelief that someone would have the common sense to maintain a boundary between the genders. 

So as it turns out, society at large really does not care about women, and therefore the snack company cannot properly celebrate them.

Sorry Frito-Lay, that's three strikes you're out at the old woke virtue-signaling game.